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Prayer Warriors:
As you could imagine, some of these prayer requests may seem familiar to you, as we have been praying for them for several weeks.  We need to continue to travail in prayer as we wait upon the Lord.  Thank you for your dedication in bringing them before the Throne.

  • Please continue to pray for our leadership on the ground in South Sudan, as they continue to be under intense spiritual attack.     
  • Continue to intercede for the Lord’s victory in spiritual battles across several fronts.
  • Please continue to pray for the chaplains serving in the Nuba Mountains.  Ask the Lord to give them everything they need to minister the gospel in this harsh environment.  Ask the Lord to pour fresh encouragement out on them each day.  Pray that not one more Nubian would perish before receiving the gift of salvation.

  • Please pray for the team in Nairobi and Mombasa.  The Kenyan Air Force just bombed an Al-Qaeda target inside Somalia which will, regrettably, lead to retribution attacks within Kenya.  These terrorist attacks are typically focused on Western and Christian interests.  Please keep the team covered in prayer.
Zavala Family: Nairobi, Mombasa, DR Congo
  • Please pray that God would guide in finding safe and affordable housing for the Zavala Family and for the FRM guesthouse. They were recently informed that the government will be putting a railway line through their housing complex and houses will be demolished.
  • Please pray for the church body and for the women at the Kibera salon, that the Word of God would change them and that they would walk in righteousness.
  • Please pray that Margret would be able to quit her addiction to alcohol.
McKinley: Nairobi
  • Please pray for Jamie that the Lord would give her wisdom on what direction He would like to take the Kibera women’s Bible study and what book to teach next.
  • Pray for Faith (not real name); she has been gone since February recruited by a suspected human trafficking agency. She has called her family and Jamie and is asking for prayer. Pray that she would continue to keep in contact, and that the Lord would comfort her and protect her wherever she might be.
  • Pray that the Lord would continue to grow the ladies of Rabuna Fi in the Word, and in a deeper knowledge of who God is, and how much He loves each of them.
Chilikina: Nairobi
  • Please pray that the Lord would continue to give Natasha wisdom in how to encourage and lead the worship team in Nairobi. Also, pray for Juma and Samuel as they will be helping with worship ministry while she is in Uganda.  Pray that they would be in unity and one accord, and able to lead the church into the presence of the Most High.
  • Pray for the Lord to continue to lead Natasha and put songs on her heart for the conference in Uganda. Pray also for the Lord to keep His hand of protection over her.
       Rees Family: Thika
  • Many blessings to the church in Thika, they are praising God for a good report this week as John is serving the body there in their absence.
  • Pray for their schedule while they are out of town to be everywhere they need to be according to God’s will. For a fruitful time of encouragement as they serve those in need at this time.
  • For an upcoming meeting building new relationships and open doors for ministry.
  • Pray for their daughter Melissa who is in Germany and will be returning to York this week to resume her classes. Pray for safe travels.
  • Pray for timing, wisdom and direction for future travel plans in October.
  • A special blessing for Tom’s brother, Chuck, who was able to save an elderly woman from a burning house.
Deam: Nairobi
  • Pray for Ruth’s sister, Susan, and the rest of the many waiting for exams. She wants to be a lawyer or a doctor. Pray for God to provide for further studies.
  • Please pray for Josephine (one of the ladies at Saturday’s bible study); she has been sick for a while now.
Gulu, Kitgum, Masindi
  • Far Reaching Ministries’ children’s outreach teams in Kitgum, Uganda, are passionately praying for the children attacked by “Nodding Disease.” The World Health Organization, the Center for Disease Control and various other experts have unable to trace the cause of this FATAL illness.  Missionaries on the ground say the statistics are worse than what is reported.  Hundreds of children in Northern Uganda have already perished; thousands more are sick.
Carlson Family: Kampala
  • Pray that as they conclude a year in Ephesians, the church would grasp what God has accomplished through the book in their lives.
  • Pray that Frontline’s photo exhibition would raise awareness and funds ahead of 2013.
Kanyike Family: Kampala (City Centre, FRM Guest House)
  • Please pray for favor for Laylee’s passport.
  • Praise the Lord Jill is finally feeling so much better.
  • Pray for the Lord’s protection on Uganda and the team serving there.
  • Pray for the Passion Conference this weekend to be fruitful as well as safe.
  • Continue to pray for the Anne Graham Lotz conferences in October, as preparations are finalized.
  • Pray for Brian and Jill, and all the ministries they are serving in, as well as running the guest house.
  • Pray for Luke and Laylee to stay healthy and to grow in the Lord.
Eastham Family: Kampala
  • Pray that John would be able to speak wisely to their guards regarding their “Christian” walk. 
  • Pray for Lily as she balances homeschooling the children with working on the Anne Graham Lotz conference.
  • Pray for protection and for victory over spiritual warfare.
  • Pray for an honest and effective exterminator to rid their attic of thousands of bats.
Anne Graham Lotz’s Uganda Visit
  • Pray for good communication with the regional contacts. Use of emails is limited, and calling and texting are often unreliable.
  • Pray that they will be able to verify who is coming to the conference.
  • Pray for the hotel in Gulu to fix the air conditioning in time and to have enough chairs for the conference.
  • Pray for the ladies in Kiryandongo as they make the tote bags that will be handed out at the conferences.
Ceaser Family
  • Pray that the immigration officials will approve the Ceasers’ occupation permit.
  • Pray for the continued healing of Eliana’s elbow fracture. The cast has been removed, but she needs to wear a sling for one more week.
  • Praise God for a relaxing family day on Sunday afternoon, a time of rest after a busy Sunday morning.
  • Praise God for the approval of their organization: their NGO, Charis, is now officially registered with the government.
Langley Family
  • Pray for continual growth in understanding the culture and people and how best to minister the gospel.
  • Pray for favor with various government agencies as they move the church and school to a new building, register for charitable status, and sort out VAT and Health and Safety requirements for the Bookstore and Cafe that the church will be opening before the end of the year.
  • Pray for students from Ireland and other countries to sign up for the upcoming school semester in February.
  • Pray for the upcoming Calvary Ireland conference to go well and be a blessing to all the saints in attendance.
  • Pray for their children to continue to adjust and adapt to the culture and language here, especially to the education system.
  • Pray for opportunities to lead their neighbors into a personal relationship with Christ.
  • Pray for increased monthly financial support.
G***** Family
  • Pray for a speedy and expedited process with K****’s paperwork and her obtaining a US Immigration Visa.
  • Pray for the Lord’s guidance.
Scott Family
  • Praise the Lord that their first service in the new venue went really well. The Lord was present.
  • Please continue to pray for the church plant. Pray that the Lord would use them in the area where they are. Pray that many would be restored to fellowship with Him.
  • Please pray for the newspaper outreach. This is a very fruitful ministry. Pray that the Lord would use it to call many to Himself and to the fellowship.
  • Please pray for the Scotts’ new baby arriving in January. They just found out that it is a girl!
  • Please pray for the Lord’s continued hand of protection upon the Scotts as they do ministry. Pray the Lord would keep sickness and the enemy away.
  • Please pray for the Africa Conference here next week. Pray for the speakers that are coming from the U.S. Pray that their travels would be good and their teachings would touch many.
Mark Piester
  • Praise the Lord Luba is doing better. Please continue to pray for her as the doctors analyze the findings and diagnosis that they will prescribe the most effect treatment.
  • Pray for Sasha as he is extremely tired.
E***** Family
  • Please keep the situation in country lifted regarding increased government crackdown.  The police have asked for a list of all the people who are involved with them.  This is a very intense time.  Please pray.
  • Please keep K****, her family and crew caring for her lifted.  Please also lift up the doctors and counselor as they treat K****.  They are believers and professionals.
  • Please also keep G**** and A**** lifted as they have their own wonderful amazing time delivering P**** into the world.
  • Please keep T****’s adoption lifted. 
  • Please keep the interns and staff lifted as they study and minister at O****. 
  • Please pray for the Celebration Life Festival and Crusade in St. Joseph, MO. Pray that God would revive His church during this time, and for this event. And that He would cause a great awakening to occur, as mentioned in 2nd Chronicles 7: 14 (“and if My people who are called by My name humble themselves and pray, and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”)
  • Many areas of the world continue to be hot spots for missionaries.  Please pray for the team members serving in Kenya and Uganda and points beyond.  They are serving in areas where declaring Christ, or even just being American could make them a target.   Please pray for their safety, for wisdom, for unshakable confidence in the Lord, for fearlessness and spiritual discernment, and for continued unity. 
  • Please pray for Pastor Jim and Carol Garlow. Ask the Lord to be their eyes as they walk by faith through whatever circumstances Carol’s cancer treatment brings.
  • Please pray for protection for Kevin and Amtec.
  • Please pray for the FRM U.S. office.  We are in need of volunteer help with some very specific tasks.