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Who is Destiny?

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She is a 15 year old who has had a passion for Africa since she can remember.
To the ladies in Sudan she wrote, “You are SO amazing! We love you and cherish you! I thank God for my sisters in Sudan every day! Thank you for being there and praying for us as well! Your passion for the Lord ignites a fire inside of us! I hope to see you all soon! Whether in this life or when we sit at the feet of Jesus together!”


As it sometimes happens, that passion had started to fade, but when she received Jesus, He ignited a new zeal for the continent and provided a focus—women and young girls.  Wes Bentley spoke at her church in February and immediately she sought to learn about the ministry and discovered the ladies of Rabuna Fi.  (Rabuna Fi is a women’s discipleship and income generation program.  Rabuna Fi means “God is here” in Arabic and is a common greeting among Christians in Africa.)  God laid Rabuna Fi on Destiny’s heart; she planned a craft party and they prayed for the women involved with this ministry.  Since then, God has opened door after door for women to represent the ladies of Rabuna Fi by selling the crafts they have made.  We are so grateful that God has entwined Destiny’s heart with the ladies of Rabuna Fi!