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The Easthams: Know Him

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All Uganda is crazy about President Obama and his re-election.


Just after 9:30am Wednesday morning I saw a crowd gathered in downtown Kampala.  They were focused on a television screen watching US President Obama give his victory speech.  The broadcast was live from the BBC, and it was picked up by main Ugandan TV network for all the country to watch.


A crowd watching the victory speech.


Obama has a cult-like following in Uganda. I pass by the Obama Car Wash every day.  I’ve even heard of Obama Cologne being sold here (supposedly it smells like soap).  Later Tuesday afternoon, a colleague took this photo of an Obama supporter’s car, complete with letters in red, white, and blue.


Day after the election.

One of Uganda’s many Obama supporters.

I came home Tuesday evening, and my guard asked me the election results.  He was delighted to hear of Obama’s victory. 

What fascinates me about this cult-like status is that few Ugandans have really know anything about the US President.  What does he stand for?  What are his positions on issues?  They have no idea.


Many Christian are really the same about God.  They really have no idea about God’s character or how He feels about things.  They haven’t spent any time getting to know Him. 


I am currently going through the book of Psalms.  I’ve found no better look at God’s character than what is found there.


Do you know who are you really following?   Spend some time with Him.


Moses and Aaron were among His priests,

And Samuel was among those who called upon His name;

They called upon the LORD, and He answered them.


He spoke to them in the cloudy pillar;

They kept His testimonies and the ordinance He gave them.


You answered them, O LORD our God; You were to them God-Who-Forgives,

Though You took vengeance on their deeds.

Exalt the LORD our God, And worship at His holy hill;

For the LORD our God [is] holy.  Psalm 99:6-9


From Kampala,


John Eastham

New Missionary to Uganda