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“So many things should have gone wrong

but, miracle of miracles…”  
 Those were the words I heard over the phone.  The Lord had moved the heart of one woman in Hawaii to help provide a church for the women of Loa. Having little shelter from the elements, it could be a place where they could go to be fed God’s word and worship.  Her act of obedience was to organize a garage sale.
Despite a forecast of thunderstorms, the Lord honored with a beautiful day.  His provision continued.  Free advertising, in the form of signs for two other yard sales in the area, directed people to where their purchases would store up treasures in Heaven.
Her sister told her of an article she read that suggested garage sales typically bring in between a minimum of $100 and a maximum of $1000. She asked, “Lord, a $1,000!”  He honored and showed Himself faithful to exceed.  The final total was $1,001!
In true loaves and fish fashion, there was abundance.  The needy that came to purchase clothes were provided for, and an abundance of extra items were donated to the homeless ministry.  They will, in turn, bless others.
Abba, thank you.  All I need do is hear your voice and follow where your Spirit leads.  Your provision for others is not dependent on me, but I praise your Name that you allow me to be a part of the unfolding of your grace and spreading of your gospel.
If you would like to help provide for the ladies of Rabuna Fi, plan on visiting the boutique located in at 
38615 Calistoga Dr., Murrieta, CA through December 21st. 
 Every dollar you spend in the boutique will be used to bless the ladies of Rabuna Fi!