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Love in the Shape of Potatoes

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We received the following updates from Russia from those who had the privilege of distributing the food packages that we call Potatoes for Grandmothers to the needy.  

“I am sending photos, of grandmother’s we visited. There are five families who live like this. They had their gas, electricity and water turned off. The house is cold.”  
“Their homes, where they live [are] in a dangerous condition and collapse. Since these grandmothers have nothing to pay for home repairs. Small pension is spent on food.”
“I got [a] call from Social service today. The lady said that they have been showered with thanks from the grandmas. Those ladies kept calling after their office opened and thanked for the Christmas service and the gifts. The lady could not help but give me a call and forward the thanks…Please pass on our thanks to Wes and to all the saints involved!!”
If you would like to provide further assistance for those so desperately in need, please contact us.  
Watch for more information in the upcoming newsletter.