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Love Packs

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It was all joy for a small African village school located in the beautiful bushes and savanna grassland of Uganda. The reason for the joy was because the school was hosting a VBS for the very first time.  We had a wonderful two days of bible teaching, games, music with the kids and interaction with parents and village folks who were curious about the unusual activities at the school.
Over the two days of teaching you could tell that the Lord had started His work on the hearts of these precious children. On the last day, which will be remembered by many of the kids well into their adulthood or old age, they were given the opportunity to receive Jesus into their heart, the invitation to be born again.  Seventy kids boldly raised up their hands as a sign of surrender to the Lord Jesus Christ. We all rejoiced with the kids because their response was an answer to many months of prayer.
Just before we left we had one more thing to do and that was to give out the love packs. The love packs include School Uniform, exercise books, mosquito nets, pens, pencils, sharpeners, and blankets—all stuffed into a back pack.   The love packs were a donation from Far Reaching Ministries, they couldn’t have come at a much better time than that day. Each child was called by name to receive his or her pack and the joy on their precious faces was indescribable. One volunteer from Montana who participated in the outreach described the evangelistic program as a true heavenly gift for precious souls.
We have made plans for follow up. Please join us in praying for these young children who received the Lord–our country, Uganda, and the continent of Africa will need them to be the light and salt of the next generation.

Richard Agoma,

Canaan Farm