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Trip to Juba

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I have traveled many times to Nimule, in South Sudan and have often prayed that one day I would be able to go to the new capital of the country, Juba. It was on this trip that God opened the door!  The heat rose to over 42c (108 Fahrenheit) as we made the drive several hours north. Juba is a mix of people from all over–Ethiopia, Somalia, Kenyan, and Europe. It is the newest capital, in the newest country, where people are busy and cows are eating from the trash.  
I was able to go and visit a church that our chaplains are a part of on a military base. I believe it was an encouragement to all as we sat and told stories of the Lord’s faithfulness in our lives and the miracles He has done. 
The church has grown to over 500 people with hundreds of children running around in their Sunday best. The teaching on Sunday was on unity, how fitting for a country full of many tribes that have fought for their freedom.  Then we began to worship and I felt like it was a little taste of heaven, where every tongue, tribe and nation will worship our Lord and Savior.
Emily Brady
FRM Missions Coordinator