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Prayer Requests for Far Reaching Ministries

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Thank you for battling with us in prayer!  Here are our most recent requests.  

  • North Sudan attacked the Upper Nile, which is inside South Sudan, and where several of our chaplains serve.  The Upper Nile has been taking in refugees fleeing the ongoing violence in the Blue Nile providence.  Now the Northern Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) have attacked this area as well.  In addition to interceding for all the people who are in great danger in the Nuba Mountains, Blue Nile, Abyei, and Darfur, please pray for our chaplains serving in the Upper Nile region to stand courageously for the glory of our King.  
  • Pray for the government and military leadership in South Sudan as it is going through a very trying time among its senior members.
  • Unfortunately, the situation in South Sudan continues much the same.  Please continue to pray tirelessly for the hundreds of thousands who are in the Nuba Mountain and Blue Nile areas that are reportedly surviving on roots and leaves.  Pray that relief efforts of the magnitude necessary would be able to safely get into these areas.  75 of our chaplains continue to serve in the Nuba Mountains.  Please continue to intercede for them as the minister in this difficult area.
  • Please pray that all 75 of our chaplains serving in the Nuba Mountains would be able to take a two week leave to come to the compound to be refreshed and strengthened in the Lord, as well as be resupplied with uniforms and needed equipment.
  • Pray for our container that is traveling to South Sudan with supplies.  Pray for safe travels and quick entry into the country.  Pray against corruption, as port and border individuals consistently try to extort money from us.  These attempts significantly slow down the container and supplies getting to South Sudan.
  • Ask the Lord to grow the women of Gelle in the truth of His word. Pray that God would put together all the details for a village church. 
  • Pray for the ladies of Rabuna Fi and the youth involved in our church plants.  Pray that their faith would be so deeply rooted and grounded in Jesus that their steadfast faith would be a mighty witness to those who don’t know Him.

Zavala Family: Nairobi, Mombasa, DR Congo

  • Please pray that God would provide sufficient finances for their family.
  • Please pray for Eunice, Maura’s mom, who was recently diagnosed with Diabetes.
  • Please pray that homeschooling wouldn’t become illegal in Kenya.
  • Please pray that God would heal Twinkle’s health.
Rees Family: Thika

  • Pray for Tom and Cheryl as they are praying for preparations and timing for arriving in England. Pray for their visit to Glouchester that God will open doors. Pray for them to be a light in the darkness and that people’s hearts would be turned to Jesus.

  • Please pray for the sale of their Kampala guesthouse.
Carlson Family: Kampala

  • Pray that God would bless this weekend’s services as they continue their vision series with ‘The Definition of Missional Congregations’.
Kanyike Family: Kampala

  • Please pray for safety in Uganda and for all missionary families and homes.
  • Pray for Jill’s knee and leg to heal and no after effects of whiplash.
  • Pray for all the guests who come through the guest house to feel welcome and at home.
  • Pray for Brian as he is teaching in Kololo this month.
  • Pray for Jill as she starts a new Bible study on Tuesday.
  • Pray for Luke and Laylee to stay healthy.
  • Pray for the Lord to move in and through all the ministries taking place at CCK
  • Please pray for the guests arriving this week as they are trying to adopt.
  • Eastham Family: Kampala
  • Pray for the safety of vehicles parked at church during services.
  • Pray that the person(s) involved in the theft will be brought to justice.
  • Pray that Benjamin will be able to focus better at school.
  • Pray for good return visit to the U.S. (California) and time with family and supporters.
  • Pray that the church operations run smoothly in John’s absence.

G***** Family

  • Pray for God’s hand upon their direction.
  • Pray that the residency would be finished.
  • Ask the Lord to pour blessings upon K****’s family as they have helped them tremendously through this time.
  • Ask the Lord for wisdom on the possibility of the necessity of going to the US.

Scott Family: Cape Town

  • Please pray for the Scotts. Their landlord needs the house back that they are living in and they have to find a new place. Pray that the Lord would guide them and lead them in the direction that He wants. 
  • Please pray for the church plant. The Lord has added people and they pray for their growth. 

E**** Family

  • Please keep their interns lifted.  They face much pressure from home to leave their studies. They seldom lose anyone but it is close.  The thing that keeps the interns coming back is that they are covered in prayer.  They need to be lifted.  They need all the help they can get.  Scratch doesn’t want them to fulfill the internship.  He’s had the place for a long time and he has no intention of giving in without a fight. 
  • Please continue to ask the Lord to have His hand in the adoption process.
  • Please keep G*** lifted.  He has an opportunity to do some translation work, Italian to Chinese.  There are a lot of technical terms and he will be translating as a speaker makes his presentation. 
  • Please keep their friend Gracie lifted.  Her mother went home to be with the Lord this week
  • Please also keep J**** and K**** lifted.  Japan is not an easy place to live but things seem to be improving. 
  • Please also lift their friend Louie.  He is in a wheelchair and needs nearly round the clock help.  Getting help has become very expensive as the economy continues to improve.  He needs reliable help at a rate that he can afford. 
  • Please also lift their plans as the adoption becomes a reality.  Pray for the Lord’s hand in the short-term visit home to establish T***’s residency and get his passport.  After that, it’s back here for at least a year.  Somehow, they would like to get him home for two years.  Logistically, this is complex, involving 2 to 3 couples to stand in.  Mr Missionary has a sort of plan but what he would prefer is clear direction from the boss.  So, please keep this lifted. 

  • Please pray for the Celebration Life Festival and Crusade in St. Joseph, MO. Pray for the April 18 2013 leadership rally and for featured guest speaker Dale Bartscher as he brings the message of God’s strength and hope to His chosen leaders and that the word of God would be a lamp unto their feet and a light unto their paths. Also, that God would shine His light upon their hearts and ministries that revival would come and begin with them first, the pastors and leaders. Remember, 2 Chronicles 7:14 begins with the house of God and cannot be accomplished without bold, brave and obedient leadership in our churches. Our leaders need your prayers now more than ever and cannot accomplish their God given assignments without your support.
  • Please pray for Pastor Jim and Carol Garlow.  Ask the Lord to hold them safely in the palm of His hand, and minister especially to Carol in whatever challenge she is facing medically today. 
  • Please also lift Donovan.  He is experiencing some health issues.  Please ask the Lord for a complete healing.
  • Please pray for Donna to make a full recovery from surgery.  Ask the Lord to completely eradicate the infection in her body.
  • Please pray for Marcia.  Ask the Lord to intervene in her situation, as well as minister to her regarding her health.
  • Pray for the church in America–we desperately need to repent from our cultural compromise and idolatry and return to the Bible as the sole source for faith and practice. God is indeed a jealous God and will not countenance idolatry in His precious bride.