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Prayer Requests from Far Reaching Ministries

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Thank you for intervening in prayer!


  • Please continue to intercede for those fleeing ongoing violence in the Upper Nile.  Please pray for our chaplains serving in the Upper Nile region to stand courageously for the glory of our King.  
  • Thank you for standing strong in prayer for those hundreds of thousands continuing to suffer in South Sudan. Pray that relief efforts of the magnitude necessary would be able to safely get into these areas.  Please continue to lift the 75 chaplains who serve in the Nuba Mountains.  Ask the Lord to be their Strong Tower and Rear Guard as they work in this dangerous region.
  • Please continue to pray for the chaplains to be able to take the two week leave necessary for them to come to the compound for refreshing and resupply.  Pray that they would have the favor necessary for this, and that God would take care of every detail in all the logistics.
  • Ask the Lord to bring the container of supplies safely and quickly into South Sudan.  Pray that Lord would bind the hands of anyone who wants to try to extort money from us. 
  • Pray for the ladies of Rabuna Fi, that their faith would guide them in every circumstance as well as draw others to Him.


Zavala Family: Nairobi, Mombasa, DR Congo

  • Please pray for pastor Nicholas as he pastors CC Nairobi while Dave is away.
  • Ask for God’s favor in making it possible for Twinkle to get appointments with good orthopedic specialists at Kaiser.

Natasha Chilikina: Nairobi

  • Please pray for the elections to be peaceful.  They are the first week of March. Last time the situation was very bad and many people were killed during that time.
  • Please pray for her work permit to be approved.

Jamie McKinley: Nairobi

  • Pray for peace in Kenya as election campaigns are being started and as bribery and corruption have already started.  Pray that the Lord would protect the brothers and sisters who are in unstable election places.  
  • Pray that whoever is elected would stand up for righteousness and have a fear of God.
  • Pray for Jamie that she would have wisdom as she begins teaching Ruth to the ladies of Rabuna Fi.  
  • Pray that each lady that comes to study would have a desire to know more of God and be example 
  • of Christ in their communities.
  • Pray for Kibe a brother from CC Nairobi that is going to serve in S. Sudan, that the Lord would give him wisdom and strength as he follows the call God has put on his life.  Pray for him to be protected as he travels, to arrive safely, and to have a peace as he sees the ministry he is going to.
  • Pray for Jamie and Jayne that the Lord would just speak through them to the young girls who are coming for teaching and counseling, and that God’s love would just be poured out on these young girls.  Pray that the Lord would lead in every step and moment of prayer and counseling.
  • Pray that the Lord would call people to serve in the children’s ministry of CC Nairobi and many would have a desire to reach the children with the Word of God and His love and salvation.

Rees Family: Thika

  • Praise and thanksgiving for the great blessings God is pouring out on Calvary Thika.
  • The new pastor, Gilbert Kibe, is rejoicing daily that God has called him to be the pastor of Calvary Thika. His new baby girl is doing well and he is having a great time walking and praying with her in the evenings.
  • Prayer for connections in England as they wait to receive the invitation and the number that they need to start their visa. Also they are praying for wisdom about whom they should contact with assistance regarding completing their visa, so it can be processed quickly without complications.
  • Blessings over Jen, a fellow missionary who will be helping them with their blog and weekly updates. Also for Ericka and Miranda who are helping them with prayer cards.
  • Pray for them to complete everything that needs to be taken care of before leaving for England and that God will give the date and all provisions according to His will. (Ps.16:11).

Ruth Deam: Karen

  • Please pray for the prison ministry. Please pray that Gods’ word will go forth as He had planned before the creation of the world.
  • Pray for the women’s bible study on Saturday; for God to give direction and discernment for the year ahead.
  • Please continue to pray for the upcoming General election; about a week and half away; pray for a peaceful election and that the Lord will give us the BEST candidate for this nation
  • Continue to pray for Josephine; for healing in Gods timing.
  • Thank you all in advance and God bless you all for your love.


  • Please pray for the sale of the Kampala guesthouse.

Carlson Family: Kampala
  • Thank you so much for praying with us for Josh & Natalie’s daughter, Gemma. The procedure was successful.  She will spend another day or two in the hospital for follow up. Please continue to pray for no further infection.
  • Pray that God would bless this weekend’s services as they continue their vision series with ‘The Definition of Missional Congregations’.

Kanyike Family: Kampala

  • Please pray for safety in Uganda and for all missionary families and homes.
  • Pray for Jill’s knee and leg to heal and no after effects of whiplash.
  • Pray for all the guests who come through the guest house to feel welcome and at home.
  • Pray for Brian as he is teaching in Kololo this month.
  • Pray for Jill as she starts a new Bible study on Tuesday.
  • Pray for Luke and Laylee to stay healthy.
  • Pray for the Lord to move in and through all the ministries taking place at CCK.
  • Please pray for the guests arriving this week as they are trying to adopt.

Eastham Family: Kampala

  • Pray that their guards will be faithful in keeping the house safe and our guard dogs taken care of.
  • Pray that the church operations run smoothly in John’s absence.
  • Pray for safe travel as they visit friends and family.


G***** Family

  • Pray that God would have His will over all
  • Pray for a speedy end to the Res. ID, if it’s within His will.
  • Ask for God’s hand on the immigration paperwork as it is currently underway and under review. This can take up to 7 months.


Scott Family: Cape Town

  • Please pray for the Scotts. Their landlord needs the house back that they are living in and they have to find a new place. Pray that the Lord would guide them and lead them in the direction that He wants. 
  • Please pray for the church plant. The Lord has added people and they pray for their growth. 


E**** Family

  • Please lift up T*** that she can complete all her preparation work for her Teaching classes at H***  U and her tutoring, T**C**, home school classes, Saturday Kid’s Club, and Summer English Camps.
  • Please also lift their plans as the adoption becomes a reality.  Pray for the Lord’s hand in the short-term visit home to establish T***’s residency and get his passport.  After that, it’s back here for at least a year.  Somehow, they would like to get him home for two years.  Logistically, this is complex, involving 2 to 3 couples to stand in.  Mr Missionary has a sort of plan but what he would prefer is clear direction from the boss.  So, please keep this lifted. 


  • Please pray for the Celebration Life Festival and Crusade in St. Joseph, MO. Pray that God would revive His church during this time, and for this event. And that He would cause a great awakening and revival to accrue in St Joseph, Missouri and across this land as mentioned in 2nd Chronicles 7:14.
  • Please pray for Pastor Jim and Carol Garlow.  Ask the Lord to hold them safely in the palm of His hand, and minister especially to Carol in whatever challenge she is facing medically today. 
  • Please also lift Donovan.  He is experiencing some health issues.  Please ask the Lord for a complete healing.
  • Please pray for Marcia.  Ask the Lord to intervene in her situation, as well as minister to her regarding her health.