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This last weekend I was so very blessed to be invited to go on an outreach to Embu.  I was asked to come and teach the youth at a technical college about godly relationships, and to help with a VBS at a local church. One of the youth from CC Nairobi has been living and working in Embu for the last year as a teacher at the technical college.  The Lord is always so faithful to open doors for His Word and His love to be shared in places we sometimes don’t even know about.

I travelled with three other servants who agreed to work with the Fikia Ministry.  As we traveled in the matatu (African MiniVan Bus) we went from downtown Nairobi, to outer slums, to green farm lands.  As I looked out the window I was amazed at the extreme difference in life only traveling about 2.5 hours out of Nairobi.  As we all patiently sat in the matatu waiting for our destination, I began to just pray and listen to music, waiting on the Lord to confirm and solidify the message He would have me teach when we arrived.

We arrived safely and Dennis met us at Embu, and then we climbed into another matatu to go further into the country to a smaller town.  Once at our destination, took us to the college and got us settled in our rooms.  We freshened up and went into the teaching session.

There were about 60 youth who stayed to hear the teaching.  Bernard and I taught about relationships according to the Bible and how we are to behave godly as single or married.  Then we broke up into groups, women and men separately, for question and answer time.  Jayne, Eunice and I had a great time ministering to the ladies and sharing examples and answering questions.  Sometimes it is so hard to be free to share, but praise the Lord both of the groups had a great time of questions and answers.  Please continue to pray for the youth.  There is so much immorality; it makes it very difficult to live a godly lifestyle. Pray that God would just give them the strength to stand up against peer pressure and sexual immorality.

After the teaching, we all went out for a wonderful walk by the rivers and farms. It was so beautiful, peaceful, and just refreshing.  I could definitely get used to staying in such a gorgeous part of God’s creation.

The next day we did a VBS for the children of the local church.  We taught on the Gospel message and each of the children made a gospel bracelet to help them share the Good News with their friends and family.  The children had so much fun; we had games, music, teaching, craft, and sweets.  It was so precious to see how excited they were to have us visit.  They didn’t want to say goodbye, so some of the children grabbed us by the hand and walked us back to the college.  There is something so rewarding to hear the voices of little children saying memory verses, and sharing what they had learned at VBS!

I left in the evening after the VBS.  Some of the group stayed behind to teach in the church the next day.  The pastor has invited us back to do evangelism and outreach, praise the Lord!  Please continue to pray for all those in Embu who heard the Gospel, that the Lord would speak to them and draw them closer to Him.

Jamie McKinley

Missionary Nairobi, Kenya