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Equipping Christian Farmers

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Government statistics in Uganda state that 85% of the country’s population are subsistence farmers. This means that most people grow what they eat, build their own houses and live without making regular purchases in the marketplace.  In our bible study last week at Canaan farm our study focused on the motive of the Christian farmer and asked the question “Why do we farm” Is it from a self-centered motive or a Christ-centered motive.  The large group that attended the study had two things in common 
1. They were all Christians.

2. They were all subsistence farmers.

Farming in a rural setting can involve a lot of work, there are crops and animals to tend and a host of other things to do that can keep one so busy. In our study the farmers learned that farm work although demanding is not the only thing that God calls them to in life.  They were taught that life is not all about farming, it’s all about Christ. It’s about doing what pleases the Lord who created us, loves us, and saved us. If our farms are to bring glory to God they must be motivated first and foremost by a love for God and man and a commitment to carry out the great commission. Using the parable of sower in Matthew Chapter 13 the farmers were encourage to always ensure their hearts are always well prepared to receive from the Lord and bear fruit for His kingdom.

At the end of our study it was such great joy to witness a renewed commitment among the farmers to balance farm work, family and the Christian walk. Next month we plan to use the same approach to reach out to rural traders.

Please pray for all the Christian farmers throughout our country that the Lord may open more avenues for the study of the Word so that they may be firmly rooted in the Word and have their eyes set on the author and finisher of their faith Jesus Christ. 

Richard Angoma
Canaan Farm, Northern Uganda