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  • FRM is hiring; please pray for the Lord to provide a strongly committed Christian, with senior-level experience in server administration & network security management.  Cloud computing experience a real plus.
  • In addition, please pray that the Lord would also provide the right individual with advanced (highly innovative) graphic design & video production experience.


  • We now have 200 chaplains serving in active war zones.  Please continue to pray that the for Lord to give them strength, courage and super natural endurance as they serve in this ongoing humanitarian crisis.
  • Please continue to pray for those who who have been displaced by the violence and lack even the most basic necessities of food and medicine.  700,000 civilians are on the run and on the verge of starvation from the Nuba Mountains to the  Blue Nile regions.  
  • Pray for the youth and women’s ministries in South Sudan.  Ask the Lord to make their faith deep and a witness to all they know. 


  • Please pray for missionaries serving in an undisclosed Asian country.  The government has closed down their current ministry.  Ask the Lord for favor in all the details that allow them to remain in the country.  
  • Pray that their mind would be stayed on Christ and fear would not be an issue.  
  • Ask the Lord to provide everything they need in terms of relocation and open new doors for ministry.


  • Zavala Family: Nairobi, Mombasa, DR Congo
  • Please pray for safe travel as they leave for Kenya on the 15th of May.
  • Please pray for good health for their family.
  • Please pray for Pastor Nicholas and for the congregation of CC Nairobi.

Natasha Chilikina: Nairobi

  • Pray for Natasha’s work permit, an agent is working on finding the file.  Please pray for the Lord to show clearly what is going on with the processing of the work permit.
  • Ask the Lord to provide wisdom in ministering to the worship team; they are going through the time of stretching and growing.  Some are choosing to walk by faith and not by sight and the Lord is teaching them how to bear one another burdens, which is a huge encouragement.
  • Please pray for her cousin, Nina, she is dying from cancer and does not know the Lord.  Natasha doesn’t even know if she has a Bible.  Her Mom wants to travel to the city where she lives and visit with her older sister and give her a Bible, please pray that the Lord would have mercy on her.
  • Please pray for Natasha’s health, that she would stay strong.

Jamie McKinley:  Nairobi

  • Please just keep Jamie and her family in your prayers, her uncle recently passed away.  Please just pray that the Lord would be there to comfort her mom, since she is unable to be there. She thanks you for your prayers.  It has been a very hard year with the loss of many loved ones.
  • Pray for the Calvary Chapel High Desert team as they prepare to come out on a STM to the DR Congo and Nairobi. Pray that God would give wisdom to the team as they seek the Lord’s vision for the trip and work on the details.  Pray that the Lord would provide for all the needs of each team member and ministry.
  • Pray for the ladies of Kibera; the bible study has been on break due to election security concerns. Pray as Jamie and Eunice go back to Kibera to teach that the Lord would work in the hearts of the women.  Pray for continued peace and protection for each of the ladies in the Kibera slum.
  • Pray for Jamie and Jane as they begin to have a small group discipleship class for youth girls once a month. Pray that the Lord gives wisdom and uses them as vessels of love to encourage and bless these girls who have difficult home lives.
  • Pray for Jamie that the Lord would lead her and give her His Word of wisdom as she meets with young ladies and women for discipleship during the week. Pray that each one would have a heart for the Lord and read His Word.  Pray that the Lord would just show His love to each one, and they would respond to His call on their lives.
  • Pray for the Vacation Bible School at the end of the month that will be taught in the Ngando slums, pray for the leaders Bernard and Jane that God would use them to reach many children with the Gospel.  Pray that those children who attend would share the Good News with their parents and friends.
  • Praise the Lord; He is raising up the women in the church. Philis (Pastor Nicholas’ wife) is now teaching a small bible study in her house to share with the women in her plot. Pray that the Lord continues to draw more women closer and use them for His glory.

Rees Family: Thika

  • Praise for a fruitful trip to Washington connecting with many of the saints who stand with them as they serve with Far Reaching Ministries. The Lord greatly blessed their time together.
  • Pray for two ladies who accepted Christ at the retirement home in Washington. Tom was able to deliver an encouraging message about God’s work in the world and in our individual lives. John 3:16
  • Ask God to pour out His Spirit on Calvary Chapel Bothell as they seek more of Jesus. Blessings on their youth team called SOAR as they reach out to Port Angeles, Portland, those in prison and the poor.
  • Pray for Jack Henderson as he serves in missions at his local church. Pray for wisdom and discernment as he makes decisions about reaching out to the community in Monroe. WA.
  • Pray for Virginia, a wonderful prayer warrior who is turning 94 years old. She is serving others at her retirement home. Pray for strength physically and her eyesight.
  • Pray for Yari who is going through a very difficult time after his divorce. He is a new Christian and needs discipleship. Also for Alexander who was a scientist, he is about 85 years old and doesn’t know Jesus. Pray he will receive the truth and come to Jesus.
  • The Lord has blessed us the Rees’ with a new friend, Cathy, who prayed for a Calvary Chapel in Gloucester for three years, this is where they will be going in June.

Ruth Deam: Karen, Kenya

  • Pray for Ruth as she moves into a new home, that she will be ready for the visitors coming soon after the move.
  • Please pray for the team that will be there for about ten days, for the different ministries they will be doing. Please ask the Lord to prepare the hearts of the people where the Word will be preached and taught.
  • Pray for the ladies Ruth works with. 


  • Please ask the Lord to send the perfect buyer for the Kampala guesthouse.

Kanyike Family: Kampala

  • Pray for continued safety.
  • Pray for Luke, he has not been well the last couple days. Pray Laylee does not also get sick.
  • Pray for Brian as he meets with some other evangelical pastors for dinner to strategically plan on how they can impact Kampala.
  • Pray for Brian and Jill as they counsel couples and members of the church body.
  • Pray for Brian and Jill as they were invited to share with all the Sunday school teachers this upcoming weekend.
  • Pray for all the ministries at CCK.

Eastham Family: Kampala

  • Pray that the Eastham family is protected from the stresses of living in Uganda.
  • Pray that the funds are available to buy a car that better suits the needs of their growing family.
  • Pray that God guides John and the leadership through the church’s difficult financial times.
  • Pray that God gives John and Lily an editorial team to assist them with their newsletter and social media.
  • Pray for Kenneth to be healed of malaria and chest pains so he can go back to work.


G***** Family

  • Safety for K*** as she will eventually be making a trip to B*** for an interview. The road leading to B**** is closed off due to political problems, so safety is an issue when going there.
  • That God would continue to guide them during this time.
  • Open doors to minister to the people here in I***.


Mark Piester

  • Praise – Sasha was released from the hospital last week and is at home. He is still undergoing treatments as an outpatient. He is feeling much better after the month-long treatments. They have helped significantly.
  • Pray for Sasha and Luba and their church as they minister to the elderly and poor families who do not know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior this Easter week. (Russia celebrates Easter this coming Sunday). Pray that the monthly sponsorships to families and elderly will demonstrate Christ’s love and a door to build relationships and share the Gospel message.
  • Pray for God’s provision for the funding of the upcoming summer camps. Mark would appreciate your prayers as they work on the budgets and raise funds for the camps planned this summer. In past years, God has been so faithful to provide the necessary funds to provide scholarships to all children desiring to attend. We trust that the Lord will fully fund the camps once again this year.
  • Baranov Family: CC Vladimir
  • Please pray with them that many Russian people would hear the true Gospel this year and truly humble their hearts before the Lord. They ask you to stand with them in prayer for Vladimir, churches in the Vladimir region and for new land Ivanovo.
  • Please pray for their churches to stay strong in sound doctrine and in practical righteousness as the Lord is teaching them. Please pray for more workers.
  • Pasha asks you to pray that they can have some able, experienced, and willing teachers come and do good retreats or seminars for their families.
  • Please pray for God’s direction and provision in this (if such is His will) for the Baranov family to visit the US.


Scott Family:  Cape Town

  • Please pray for Bob and Suzanne, that the Lord would give them wisdom as they are raising two kids and planting a church. Pray for grace and guidance in their lives. 
  • Please pray for the church that is being planted. Pray for the Spiritual growth of the people coming and pray for their lives to be changed by the gospel message. 
  • Please pray that the Lord would continue to call people to the church by His grace. 
  • Please pray as Bob is looking for a new meeting place. The current one is not meeting the needs of the congregation as they are growing in number. 
  • Please pray for the health and safety of the Scott family. They are going into winter season and the cold and flu season is coming on strong. Pray that their immune systems would be strengthened and that they would not have any illnesses. 
  • Please pray for the outreaches they are doing in and around the community. Pray that the Lord’s Word would go out and that many would come to salvation. 


E**** Family

  • Please pray for all the final details of the adoption process.  Ask the Lord to make permanent the home and family He has already given T***C***.  Pray that any nerves frayed in the wait would be calmed.
  •  Please lift up the possibility of another set of Operation Safe camps in the earthquake zone.
  • Please keep S***, R*** and T lifted as they seek to move in the best direction for the bike shop.
  • Please keep T lifted as they search for another supplier for leather for P***’s journals.
  • Pray for the team as they search for new living quarters.
  • Please continue to pray for the relationship and ministry at the orphanage.
  • Pray for the family to have all the wisdom and discernment needed for handling all the details of ministry.
  • Please lift that they would keep their eyes on the boss and all that He has called them to. Thank you for being such a huge part of all that happens within this ministry. 


  • Pray for a friend of the ministry, Sheri, who has been experiencing seizures.  Ask the Lord to put an end to this and be everything she and her husband need.
  • Please pray for Marissa, that the Lord would provide her with each thing that she needs.  
  • Please pray for Sherrell.  Ask the Lord to provide her with complete healing.  Pray for the doctors to know how to prevent the reoccurring health issues that she is having.
  • Please pray for the attorneys with The National Center for Law & Policy as they go to court on May 20 to ask the court to order the Encinitas Union School District (EUSD) to comply with religious freedom provisions of the California constitution as well as to offer students the minimum amount of physical education minutes.