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As I sit here, at our training compound in South Sudan, the men are busy with preparations for graduation. After a long and hard year at our chaplain training school, the men are filled with excitement for the long awaited day. After graduation the men will be deployed to their respective positions. Some of the men will be going straight to the front lines of the war here in South Sudan, but every single one will be on the front lines of the spiritual battle for souls. The men know that this war (both physical and spiritual) will be very costly and the blood shed will be great.

For most of us, fighting one war (against our flesh) is hard enough; it takes every last ounce of strength we have. How convicting is it to stand with men who are fighting not just for their own soul, but for everybody they come in contact with. Our men live by a code of conduct that we all should follow. “If the enemy comes, we will STAND, we will FIGHT, and we will DIE! But we will not surrender you to the wicked!” This code was made when we witnessed the Government of Sudan (GoS), the LRA, and other rebel groups coming into villages and killing every woman and child. We teach our men that we stand on that line until every woman and child is evacuated to safety, and we will DIE protecting the innocent and helpless.  

Our men are ready to die to the desires of their flesh and are willing to die to ensure life for others. Matthew 16:25 says, “For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.” When you are faced with this choice, what will you do? Are you ready to die, so that you have eternal life? John 5:13 says, “Greater love has not one than this, that one lay his life down for his friend.”

Are we willing to love to the point of death? A time to die…a chance to live.

Chase Amaya


Far Reaching Ministries