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On Thursday morning, a political opposition leader (the president’s nemesis) appeared in downtown Kampala and started addressing a crowd.  The police considered this an “unsanctioned rally,” so they arrested the opposition leader and fired tear gas to disperse the crowd.  Gun shots may also have been fired.

This all took place about two blocks from the church.  Additionally, the police shot tear gas on two streets that were even closer to the church.  I was able to take this photo on my phone.

I walk through this area all the time and could have easily been there this morning.  Toward the left of the photo is a restaurant called Uhuru.  I was there yesterday eating rice and goat meat for lunch.  In the middle of the photo is Pioneer Mall.  I walked through there twice yesterday on church business.  The church staff parks their cars in its parking lot every day.  All this is a little too close for comfort.

Last night, while I was praying with the family, I prayed for, among other things, safety.  As soon as I mentioned safety, I wondered why I asked God for that.  I normally don’t pray for safety.  Now, I know it was the Holy Spirit guiding my prayer for today.  May the Lord bless and keep us…

John Eastham

Serving with his family in Kampala, Uganda.

We received this additional information from another of our missionaries serving in Kampala.   “It has been almost a straight week and a half of protests and rioting. Today all the shops downtown are closed in protest. They have threatened to burn any shop that does not join in on the protest.”  Imagine how this would change your way of life.  Please continue to pray for the families who serve in Kampala.  

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