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December 2019: Christmas Update

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Chief of Staff, General Jagot, sent for Ismail saying, “We are in a very bad situation. We have only one 120-millimeter gun and only 10 shells of ammunition. The enemy has a superior size force and numerous weapons.” Then, he said, “Ismail, we need the power of your God! I need you to come and to encourage the morale of the men.” Ismail had little to bolster morale with as much intelligence he had. Knowing from his own experience that victory only comes from the Lord, Ismail went into prayer. The Lord directed him where to fire their limited ammunition and he fervently prayed, “Lord, may every shell hit its target to protect your people.” His first shell struck an ammunition truck. It ignited into a massive ball of fire taking many enemy soldiers in its flames. His second shell hit a fuel truck, which also exploded immobilizing another large number of the enemy’s forces. Then Ismail paused, sensing God was leading him to allow for a brief respite. Ismail then fired his third round and it landed in the center of the remaining troops. The enemy burst into a frenzied and chaotic terror trying to reorganize. Even though the enemy were Islamic in faith, they also relied on the counsel of a witch doctor, which they call “The Feki”.  The Feki warned the men that if all troops did not evacuate by nightfall, everyone would be dead by morning.  The entire enemy force of close to 4,000 fled. General Jagot thanked Ismail and said, “We have been delivered by the hand of your God!”


See the problem is, is that you must have a higher law, which is God’s law. Otherwise one cannot say that one path is better than another. You lose the ability to say Nazi Germany did not have the right to take over the world, and kill 6,000,000 Jews, nor did Stalin not have the right to starve millions of people to death and send them to Gulags never to see their families again. This is what the world does not understand, that if you do not have a higher law, that is enforced, society will destroy itself.


In this culture, when a daughter marries and leaves home, she is to leave forever. We have found out that once she marries, it is unimportant to her family if she is abused, neglected or cheated on, and she is to stay with the husband no matter what. This being the case, if he leaves her or abandons her, she is now shamed among her relatives and they will not help her. Of course, this is not the rule in every situation, but it is acceptable in this culture. Hence, we have met a large group of single women, with absolutely no help. They have been abandoned and literally left on the streets to fend for themselves. It makes them vulnerable to prostitution just to provide food for their children. Many people do not understand how difficult and scary it is to be abandoned. I heard of a small five-year-old boy whose father took him to the train station and sat him down and said, “I will be back in a little while, just found a room with 40 children living in the dark. As they scanned the room, they found a six-year-old little blond girl in dirty clothing. She had not bathed for some time and her hair was unclean. She was a sweet looking child, just alone in the world, without family. When one of the team asked her why she was there, she responded that it was to keep from being beaten. I cannot disclose this location just yet, but in the coming months we will.