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February 2021: An Evil had Awoken

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In our village, evil has awoken. Men are stalking in the night and killing the innocent. Last week a 17-year-old girl was raped and killed then her body was thrown into a latrine. A few days later, one of the women who works in our kitchen was coming to work early in the morning. She was on what we call a boda boda (a small motorcycle that is used for a taxi), when two men ran out and tried to cut the head off of the driver. As the driver continued, one of the men swung a machete trying to sever his head. When he ducked, the woman fell from the boda boda. The driver drove off, caring only for his own life.  When the criminals approached the lady, they realized that she was just an old woman and left her alone. Her back was injured, but thanks be to God, she did survive. This new group calls themselves De Black.  This is not new to us. In 2002, a group who called themselves Black Ninja started moving during the night robbing, raping, and killing. Then, a curfew was put in place to stop it. Anyone on the street after 9 o’clock in the evening was shot on sight. Very quickly, a couple of these individuals were caught. They were shot, thus came the end to Black Ninja. But evil does not sleep.  Given the opportunity, and the lack of  vigilance, it will always raise its head and return to do its bidding. The only thing that stops this is when men of God do what is right, and when justice is administered quickly.  Isaiah 59:19 tells us when the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord will raise up a standard against him. Very often the standard the Lord is raising up is you and me.  In the early years of the Chaplain Corps, four men not related to the ministry, raped a woman. They were quickly  caught, and the local commander ordered that they be publicly executed. Everyone in our village was ordered to attend the execution. The four men were lined up and then a firing squad was brought out. We were allowed to share the Gospel with the men, and we told them they were about to be killed for the evil they had done. Then we went on to explain that there was a second death and that would separate them from Christ forever.  As we explained the Gospel, one of the men chose to ask Christ for forgiveness. He prayed and asked the Lord to forgive him—the others did not. Then they were lined up and their hands were tied behind their backs. The firing squad was brought forth and the order given. The shots rang out and three men were killed instantly but a fourth was convulsing on the ground. The officer in charge strolled over as if he were going to the kitchen for a cup of coffee, pulled out a pistol and completed the execution, then strolled away without a second thought.  To the audience, it sent two messages. To the innocent:  you will be protected, do not worry. But to the wicked, we are coming for you and you will not escape. In the 20 years that have passed, no other woman in our village had been gang raped until now.  I have issued an order, and we are announcing a 2,000,000 Ugandan shilling reward for the identity of the criminals. This is only about $700 (USD), but to the people living in our village, it is equivalent to two years’ pay. There is always someone who knows information, but who is keeping quiet. The reward will encourage those who may have knowledge but did not participate to come forward and help bring the criminals to justice.  When Christ called me to Africa, He gave me a vision to reach a continent with the love of Christ. I never thought I would have to deal with these kinds of situations.  So often when trials come, rather than using sound judgement, we let the trials take hold of us, instead of letting Christ take hold of the problem. I find many people who go on spiritual journeys are trying to find God but come back disappointed. But truthfully if they would just read the Bible, and do what it says, the spiritual trek would most likely not have been necessary. We were created to serve and when we just go to church, but are not active in our faith, this is when believers experience a dryness.  When we are active, we feel alive and God’s will is always found in the Word. Care for widows and orphans, feed the hungry, care for those in prison, clothe the naked, protect the weak, and share Christ with the lost. I find that the work of Christ keeps us so busy, I rarely feel as if I need a special time away.  The daily walk with Jesus is the most exciting life you can experience.  Because we are complete in Him, we were created not only to survive in difficult circumstances, but to thrive.  So often, as believers, we let problems take hold of us rather than realizing that through Christ we are more than conquerors. I am always asking the Lord for wisdom, and I find He generously gives.  When these murderers are apprehended, I will not be there to administer justice or to take vengeance. I will be there to share that through Christ they can be forgiven of sin, have redemption and receive eternal life through Christ our Lord.  Many of you may be deeply troubled by what is taking place in our nation. But remember that the Bible said when you see all these things happening, look up to heaven and know your redemption draweth nigh. We as believers are called to strengthen what remains.  I will tell you that I did take a spiritual journey today; it was in Psalms 23. The Lord is my Shepherd. And I found strength.  In the newsletter are photos updating you on the home being built for the abandoned children. Also, know that they are receiving groceries every month; the children will be well fed through your gifts.

Wes Bentley
Far Reaching Ministries