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I received a call from Tirza, who works as part of our Ghost Operations team. She facilitates the delivery of food aid, money for emergencies, and Bibles for pastors and churches in persecuted and closed nations including Burma. Tirza is Dutch and speaks five languages. We have been close friends for 30 years. We worked together in Russia years ago, and she physically outworked everyone, doing more than the combined work of two men on any given day. To say that I trust her is an understatement. In a previous newsletter, I shared that the Government of Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, has been killing Christians, burning villages, and raping women among the Karenni people. Recently, they launched new airstrikes and sent in ground forces to attack these already traumatized and fatigued people. The military attacks on civilians have sent thousands of Christians fleeing for their lives to Thailand. I am aware of the magnitude of suffering that is currently happening in Burma. This testimony tells it all. A woman was captured by the Myanmar military. They tied her husband up and gagged his mouth, and then five soldiers began raping her in front of her bound and helpless husband. The husband fought with all that he had to get out of the ropes and eventually he loosened the gag covering his mouth. He begged the men to stop. They shot and killed him In front of her, and these killers continued raping her.  The physical trauma was beyond what she could bear, and she lost all consciousness. When she regained consciousness, she was naked, battered, bloody, and her young life shattered. To make her pain even more unimaginable, she had only been married for a month.

The Christians under attack by the Burmese Army who could not escape the country are hiding in caves and dense jungles and have nothing to survive on. Cholera is a major problem now, and the people are terrified. The Burmese Army still occupies the villages of Loikaw, Demawso, and Pekon. They told the people they could come back, that it was now safe, but when the men returned looking for food, they were killed. Some of our contacts that went searching for the Christians were shot. But despite this, we are receiving testimonies of devotion to Christ. The following is the testimony of one of the Karenni soldiers. “My name is Saw. I am one of the Karenni soldiers protecting and fighting for our people in the K5 area of Burma. Our people are suffering a lot. The daily airstrikes last month have been brutal on my people.

I feel so sorry for the many women, elderly, and children forced to flee and hide in the jungle and caves. It is the rainy season now, and the situation is not good. The people are stressed, worried, and tired, and many are sick. As a soldier, I need to stay strong and brave. But when      I see the suffering of my people, I feel so weak in my heart. I am a Christian, and I often cry out to God for help. I do believe God protects me when I need to go to the frontlines. When you [Tirza] contacted our group to bring Bibles to our people, my fellow soldiers wanted to help. We know that without our God, we can do nothing. With God, we can do everything. The roads were very bad when we transported the Bibles, but our people needed them so much. Our truck got stuck in the mud many times, and to get us moving again, we were out in the open and easy to spot by the Burmese Army. God made us invisible, and we made it to the people. Praise God!

The Bibles were the most precious cargo that I have ever delivered to my people. Especially in this grave time, we can find strength and hope in the Word of God. I gave all my friends a Bible, and I kept one too. I lost my Bible a long time ago on the battlefield. Thank you so much for not just giving us food but also spiritual food, which will last forever. Thank you, and God bless you.”On any given day, as a ministry, we have many prayer requests, but I know that with God, all things are possible. Please continue praying for peace and righteousness in Burma, for the many families who have lost loved ones, and for the coup leaders, that they will come to know the true and living God. Please also pray for the unbelievers that they will come to know God, and for the many Christians who are suffering. Hundreds of thousands of them are currently in hiding. Pray for our team that they will all stay strong, safe, and healthy. COVID-19 is spreading fast in Burma. Chin State is the worst. In the month of June alone, 35 Chin pastors died from COVID-19. The reason the photos in this newsletter are so grainy is that they were taken on an older cell phone. If someone is caught with a camera and photos, they will be killed. We are working with Tirza to do everything that we can to protect victims from this kind of evil. The immediate need is to raise at least $200,000 to send in more food aid, medical supplies for the wounded, and more Bibles. In spite of all this suffering, the people are requesting Bibles for spiritual food. As always, every penny we receive will be sent to bring relief to those suffering under the brutal hand of evil regimes. I am always aware that we cannot save them all, but we will save as many as we can.

Wes Bentley

Far Reaching Ministries