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October 2021: All Your Watches are Safe

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The American-supported Afghan government collapsed in less than ten days, leaving our team with a worst-case scenario on our hands. Many are unaware that we have 22 missionaries working in the underground church in Afghanistan. When you add their families, where one pastor could have 20 family members, the total number of our team in Afghanistan is far greater.  I received word that several of our ministry leaders’ families were terrified.  They know firsthand who the Taliban is and have become desperate to escape the country.

One family, who had been discipling three other families, was forced into hiding. The Taliban found the three other families and killed the fathers, mothers, and children. When our Dutch team called me for help, our U.S. office went into wartime planning. The Lord has a network of highly trained Christians ready to respond that Far Reaching Ministries (FRM) knows.  I called a brother who is a former Navy Seal, and brothers from the Marine Corps, all with Special Forces experience and who are crack shots with weapons.  We were able to locate a brother within the agency (U.S. Intelligence) who was on the ground in Afghanistan, and who is a former Green Beret.  Over the next few days, assets on the ground were able to help us get two families on evacuation flights before the Kabul airport was shut down. This proved to be extremely difficult. So far, our team has been able to safely extricate 16 people. Now, the clock is ticking on the remainder of our missionaries and their families. On the 28th of August, five former Navy Seals and three Marines, with extensive Special Forces experience, met at the FRM U.S. headquarters to plan a rescue operation. We have engaged brothers from within the intelligence community. I am unable to give you any details about the operation, but by the time you receive this newsletter, we will already be gone.  In addition to our own team, we have received many requests from other ministries requesting help with extracting over 1,300 Christians.  If you have ever read the book The Hiding Place, it is the true story of Corrie ten Boom and her family’s commitment to hiding Jewish people from the Nazis during the Holocaust. Corrie’s father owned a watch shop in Holland. He had built a hidden wall to help hide the Jewish people that were trying to escape certain arrest and death. The Nazis raided their shop and home several times, but they could not find anyone because of the well designed hidden wall. The Germans were confident that Jews were being hidden, but they simply could not find them. Eventually, they arrested and imprisoned the ten Boom family. Corrie’s father died ten days after their arrest, and her sister would die in a concentration camp. While in prison, Corrie received a rare letter. Hidden under the stamp was a message that read, “All your watches are safe.” She knew that this meant that all the Jewish people that her family had risked everything for had escaped to safety.  Corrie would survive the war and go on to be a powerful author and spokeswoman for Christ’s Kingdom.  The first part of our operation would cost $400,000.  When we first began to plan and realized the costs, I was up many late nights praying. One night, at about 3:00 AM, the Lord spoke to me and said, “I will give you one piece of the puzzle at a time. Then you will have to trust me for the next piece.” Well, the first part of the puzzle was that it would cost our ministry a tremendous amount of money, so I prayed again, asking the Lord for help. At that time, we had not asked anyone for money, just prayer! The next day a dear brother in Christ called and said that the Lord had told him to give $400,000 for the first phase of our operation. With the first part of the puzzle in place, I green-lighted the operation, and a few days later, five Seals, three Marines, and one Green Beret would meet to plan and execute the mission.  One thing that I want you to understand about these men is that God has geared them to protect. Men who join elite military units, especially believers, have been wired by the Lord differently than most people. They have an acute sense of being a protector, even for those whom they do not know. It’s truly in their DNA to rescue those living in terror and peril.

Edmund Burke said: “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” But I believe God would say: All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for God’s men to do nothing.  The Jewish people have a saying, “He who saves one life saves the whole world entire.” This has several meanings in Jewish tradition. In essence, if one person survives,
another generation can be born. Secondly, the Jewish people consider life the most precious thing. Thirdly, for the person who is saved, his life is his whole world.  As believers, we must have a love and a burden for the lost and those who are dying without Christ. We must put away the foolish things of this world so that others may know Jesus Christ.
There are thousands of Christians in imminent danger, including “Fatima”, a widow with three young daughters and a son. While trying to get them into the airport, the Taliban beat her son. The situation on the ground became so dangerous that she had to flee the airport to keep her daughters from sexual assault. We have lost contact with her and her children, but pray they are safe and that we will be able to find and extract them.  To achieve this rescue mission, I believe it will cost a minimum of $4,000,000 and could very well exceed $10,000,000. But so far, we have seen dozens of different pieces of the puzzle come together. In all the years that we have sent this newsletter out, we have always given people an opportunity to store their treasures up in heaven by giving to various projects. Only once have I ever asked anyone to give to a specific mission. This will be the second time that I ask the Body of Christ to give. We need financial help to save as many lives as we can.  It is difficult to fathom that we will be able to save all 1,300 Christians on our list. We are truly deep in enemy territory, but I am praying that someday I will be able to report that, “All your watches are safe!” While we clearly understand that this mission is extremely dangerous, there is something incredible about the thought of seeing the Messiah.

Wes Bentley

Far Reaching Ministries