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November 2021: The GOD OF THE ANGEL ARMIES

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Operation Schindler’s List is what we have code named the operation to save lives in Afghanistan.  On our first mission we headed into an undisclosed country, bordering Afghanistan, with Marines and Seals. The group would divide into two teams. The first team included a Marine and a Seal, who were flown in by chopper and landed at 14,000 feet. I was part of the second team. We thought we would be dropping in and climbing between 4,000 and 7,000 feet; that would not be the case. Instead, we ended up climbing over 11,000 feet. The mountain terrain was unforgiving, and trails nonexistent. We encountered very steep climbs. In many places, if you missed a step, you would fall 1,000 feet with little chance of surviving. Knowing we had a mission to accomplish everyone just did their jobs. At a certain point, we divided into three different directions. The teams consisted of two team members, a Seal, and a guide. The team that I was on consisted of guide, Brent, and myself, both former Marines. After completing the mission, we found out that we probably had the worst of the climbs, though none of the teams had it easy. After 7,500 feet, you could tell that the oxygen had thinned, but we pressed on, just at a slower pace. It would take us 14 hours of climbing to reach the top. The first day, I noticed the lack of oxygen, but by the second day, we had climatized and were doing fine. I was amazed at how clean the oxygen was. From our vantage point, we could launch drones to spy out the land and look for LZs (landing zones) and ratlines. A ratline is a way of escape, to get people out. There were more details to this phase of the operation, but I am unable to disclose them at this time because this is still an ongoing mission.

The Lord would work miracles while we were in country, bringing us into direct contact with those in the greatest need. Before we left the U.S. we had several donors, who had funded the first phase of the mission, ask what we thought our success rate would be. I told them truthfully that I just did not know. In the back of my mind, I personally thought that if we could get five or ten Christians out, it would be a success. The first part of this ongoing operation cost us $750,000. This may seem extreme, but how could I put a price on a human life, and what would I be willing to pay for my own wife and children? In light of knowing what is happening across Afghanistan, which our liberal media is lying about, the truth is: genocide is taking place at the hands of the Taliban. We have many assets on the ground recording what is going on. I have witnessed people being stopped at Taliban checkpoints, taken from their vehicles, and their throats being slit. It is horrible to see the struggle of a body convulsing and the horror in the eyes of these victims. Yet, through all this, there are many miracles happening.  We were contacted by YWAM (Youth With A Mission) and asked if we could help get their Country Director out of Afghanistan. The Taliban were actively hunting him in a specific city. Before the collapse of Afghanistan, the Taliban had sent him a letter informing him that they were going to brutally kill him. When we received the call about this situation, the Taliban were doing a door-to-door search for him and were just hours away from finding him. I asked former Marines and Special Forces, Luke and Brent, to handle it. They made contact with one of our assets on the ground, and we were able to get to him within an hour and get him to a safe location. A couple hours later, the Taliban arrived at his hiding place and would have found him if he had not been safely extracted. What hit me the hardest was during my time with an Afghan family who had fled the country. The family was Muslim, but they had been going to church.  They were completely disillusioned with Islam and searching for answers. Both the mother and her mother had their husbands killed by the Taliban. The younger mother’s brother-in-law was in prison and known to be an evil man. The Taliban had gotten him out of prison, and he became a high-ranking Taliban officer. He brutally tortured and killed his own brother, then raped his brother’s wife and four-year-old daughter. Her six-year-old sister witnessed everything and was extremely traumatized. We arranged to meet the family for a meal. They all looked as if they had not changed their clothing in a very long time. They ate, but none smiled, even though it was probably their first decent meal in months. During the meal, the younger mother began telling me that her brother-in-law, who killed her husband, managed to contact her. He told her that if she did not come back, he would kill her entire family.  I believe there were 28 members of the family being threatened. In the undisclosed country that this family fled to, they are not allowed to have jobs or purchase property, and they did not know how they were going to provide for themselves. Their rent was due, and they had no money to pay it or buy food. When the nine-year old heard her mother talking with me about going back, she began to weep from the visible fear that she still felt. I began to share with the mother that the Bible says to “Come to me all you who are burdened, and heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” I then went on to tell her that she could not put the adult family members above her own young children. Instead, we would cover her rent and food until we could get her to a safe country, then I would send in a team to extract all of her family members. This operation is underway, and we should have all of them out by the time this newsletter reaches you.  After the meal, we were getting up to leave, and the nine year-old little girl came and put her arms around me, holding on with all she had, and began to cry. I leaned down, kissed her on the top of her head, and told her not to worry that I would not let anyone hurt her or her family. At that point, she would not let go of my hand.  We took the family to the local stores and purchased them all new clothing—everything from winter jackets, underwear, shoes, and socks to several changes of clothing. Then we took the children for ice cream, and I saw them smile for the first time. For a brief second, they got to feel like children again. At the time that I am writing this newsletter we have already rescued 155, mostly believers, out of Afghanistan, but we are going after many more. We have received over 1,300 requests for the extraction of Christians still in hiding. We have rotated the second team overseas, and when they return, I will rotate back again.  So far, we have calculated that it costs us about $7,400 per life. We are in the process of raising a war chest and are planning for a three-year operation. We estimate the cost of the mission to be a minimum of $10,000,000 to complete. One of the reasons that I know that the Lord is in this ongoing rescue mission is that without us seeking financial help, it has come. The Lord told me that He would give me one piece of the puzzle at a time and that I would have to trust him for the next piece. So far 100 pieces have come together in what seems like a 2,000 piece puzzle.  Oskar Schindler was a German manufacturer of pots and pans but saw what the Nazis were doing to the Jewish people. He made a dangerous choice to try and save as many as he could, and over 1,000 Jewish people would survive the Holocaust because of what he did. Stopping the Afghan genocide was supposed to be the job of our government and should have never been allowed to happen. Sometimes it takes just one man to do the right thing to save others.  One of the things that I take great comfort in, when I am in these dangerous places, is that I know that I serve the God of the Angel Armies. And He is the Author and Finisher of my faith.