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On the 4th of March, we had three aircraft scheduled to fly 910 Afghans out of Afghanistan. Unfortunately, when Russia invaded Ukraine, the flights were canceled. Our intelligence found out that Afghanistan had an agreement that no planes could leave Afghanistan air space and fly to an EU (European Union) or NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) country. This presented a tremendous problem for us. We had over 500 individuals in safe locations protected by Far Reaching Ministries (FRM) and another 400 in other safe houses, all hoping that this would be the day of salvation from the Taliban. Months of planning seemed, for a moment, to have been thwarted by the enemy. Again, I cannot go into detail, but we have developed an alternative escape route and have already moved over 200 more people out of Afghanistan since the 4th of March. We are working as fast as possible to move the other 710 to a bordering country where they can rebuild their lives. At this time, this brings the number of people that we have rescued to over 400. We have been able to charter two aircraft that can each take 355 individuals each to the country that will become their new home. Our staff has been given great favor to bring them to a nation that will allow them to rebuild their lives. The host nation has also agreed to receive 18,000 Afghan refugees and sponsor them, taking full financial responsibility for them. But even if we could not get them to this nation, the nation they are in is safe, just not a great place to escape Islamic persecution. Once we get this group out, we still have requests for over 3,500 more people to be extracted.  I received a call from one of my staff members informing me that all other groups doing rescue operations in Afghanistan had stopped. No other group or government has been able to conduct flight evacuations since December. At first, I thought this could not be possible, but I checked with a brother, who spent 22 years in counterintelligence, and he confirmed the information was correct. It is hard for me to imagine that people would give up so soon on those trapped in Afghanistan; the cruelty of the Taliban is truly just evil. For a short while, the Taliban seemed to be trying to reform their image by not being so brutal in their killing. But they were given permission to ignore the West.  So, the slaughter continues and accelerates as the eyes of the West have all but forgotten the people of Afghanistan.  We hear reports of the Taliban conducting systematic house-to-house searches, mass arrests, and unbelievable torture, including burning people alive. Many of these are women, and before they are killed, they are always  raped to bring shame to them. The Taliban believe that when they rape a woman, she will no longer be allowed entrance into paradise. In truth, it is just an excuse to behave as a debased rapist.  Personally, the hard thing for me is realizing that the responsibility for saving lives in Afghanistan will become the sole responsibility of FRM. This will be an ongoing operation and will likely take years and cost millions of dollars. I have to share that life was so much easier when the war in South Sudan was all that I had to deal with, but FRM is involved in five countries that are currently at war. For the last nine months, the workload has been extreme, and I have, at times, felt as though I could not handle much more work. At night, I have had to put my phone on silent. One morning when I rose, I had received 57 texts or messages during the night, which took the first couple of hours in the morning to deal with. I would ask for prayer from the Body of Christ for all those trapped in Afghanistan. Every day we receive new information about the suffering of so many innocent people.

In addition to our rescue operation in Afghanistan we were already sending aid to Burma, with over $300,000 sent for food aid and medical needs. As I write this newsletter, the war in Ukraine has been going on for 38 days. In this short amount of time, we have already spent about $250,000 for items including medical aid and food along with rescuing individuals, and we have plans to spend far more as we have the resources available.  While our teams bring food to the Ukraine people, what the people are enduring is unfathomable. One woman, Ivanovo Maryinka, had two daughters. One had died a few years ago in a car accident, but her other daughter was in her home when the war first started. An artillery shell hit her home, and her daughter was vaporized. Out of total despair, the woman had decided to commit suicide when our team arrived to bring food, and they were able to pray for her. She gave her life to Christ and chose not to kill herself—she now has hope that she will see her children again in heaven. Out of desperation, many people like Ivanovo are considering killing themselves.  They have lost everything; including homes they have worked a lifetime for and feel that they have nothing left.  This is when it is most important to have people come and share the hope that we have through Christ. Now is a time of great sorrow for many, but as believers, we know that Jesus Christ can provide for the needs of these people and restore their broken lives.                                                                                                         

We need to remember that many people do not support the invasion of Ukraine and that thousands have been arrested for protesting. The protests have been so severe that the Russian government passed a law that people speaking out against the government can be imprisoned for 15 years. One of our missionaries has been able to rescue 39 families, getting them to a safe country. He did so with great risk to himself and his family. When I spoke with our staff; they told me that some of the women had been crying for days. One woman had seen soldiers killing innocent civilians in the streets, and I was told that her face was swollen from days of crying. They are so afraid of not knowing the condition of husbands, who are fighting, and family members that they have no contact with, that emotionally they have become broken vessels. The great thing is, I believe a few believers along with Christ can save many. On the 11th of April we passed into Ukraine delivering a wish list of medical supplies for a children’s hospital. All it took was for a few willing souls to make the 10 hour journey. At present, we are mobilizing teams to go and share the Gospel with those whose lives have been broken. One brother has been going to the front where the Ukraine soldiers are fighting and has been sharing Christ with them. He told me that when he shares the Word many are coming to Christ. Even if the war does come to an end soon, many lives will have to be rebuilt, and this is where the Church comes in. The Bible tells us to not grow weary in well doing, for in due season we will have a harvest of righteousness. FRM has been blessed to serve with many men who are former Special Forces and experienced in the world of counterintelligence. By choice, they are repurposing these gifts for Kingdom purposes. We are aware that it is not by might nor strength but by the Holy Spirit. As the Christian song says that in heavenly armor we will enter the land, the battle belongs to the Lord.  As we witness the suffering of so many, I continue to encourage believers to give to the rescue of the people of Afghanistan and to the people of Ukraine. The Word tells us that in as much as you have done to others you have done to me the Lord Jesus Christ.

Wes Bentley

Far Reaching Ministries