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Afghanistan Rescue

Please continue to pray for the safety of the several thousands of our Christian brothers and sisters in Afghanistan.

We are currently working to rescue our Afghans team and other left-behind Christians through multiple approaches. The situation on the ground is tense, complex, and changing by the hour. Due to the highly critical nature of this operation, please understand that we are limited in the information that we can provide. Your ongoing prayers are truly essential!

This mission is dangerous, as well as costly. We know that we may not be able to get everyone out alive. Yet, we refuse to leave any brother or sister behind. The rescue, relocation, and support will cost a minimum of $4M, and up to $10M, to provide immediate and ongoing support. In addition to praying without ceasing, if you are able to give financially, we need the Body of Christ’s help.

Our greatest need for this crisis is financial support.
Use the form below to give immediately or call our US office at +1 (951) 677-4474 and ask for Edward Amaya or Shawn Stone.