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The Easthams: Water Tank

A Letter from Uganda Lily and I went on several short-term mission trips before we headed off to Uganda.  Each time we returned home from a trip, we always had a deeper appreciation for what we had in our home. But long-term missions are different.  We are now appreciative of several things that we used […]

The Easthams: A Bomb Check and Bible Lesson

The other day I was driving to church and was pulled over by the police.  This happened before at the same location.  It was a random police check for explosives.  I recognized one of the policemen.  He was older, and I remembered him for being very professional.  Unfortunately another, younger policeman came to my car. […]

The Scotts: Local Ad

Before starting our Sunday night Bible study, we started putting testimonies of people that attend one of the Calvary Chapels in Cape Town. This has been a most fruitful work. The article has our webpage that is linked with Calvary Chapel Cape Town, and my phone number. So far, in the two weeks that […]

Jason & Jennifer

Wes’ daughter Jennifer is getting married Sunday! We ask you to pray that each touch of love given during preparation will show her and her husband-to-be how much Jesus loves them, and how much we love them. Pray that the ceremony will be the first day of their lives as one and a new beginning of […]

Natasha: Women’s Ministry Update

When the team from Russia arrived here in Kenya, their ministry also included a Bible study for the ladies in our church. Tatiana, my friend and sister in the Lord shared from John 15:1-8, It was such an encouragement to hear her heart and the things the Lord spoke through her were so challenging and […]

Easthams: African Snacks

Ugandans have their own snack foods, and one of them is now our favorite.  Fried peas.  The brand we like has them dusted with chili powder.  Even Gabby loves them. But Ugandans also have some other snack foods.  One of them is fried grasshoppers.  Just drive down any major street and you are bound to […]

A True Foundation

This past weekend, Core Christian Fellowship covered the bare floor in our newly renovated space with scriptures!  This will be their new home for Sunday morning and Wednesday night services.  We are so blessed to have them use this space for God’s purposes.

Update!: Asia Missionaries

Howdy All! I’ve been threatening to update this blog almost from the moment that I sent the very first note. I have no idea where to start. The last offering I made was more of a rant than anything else. I’ve got a chip on my shoulder the size of a good chunk of cord […]

The Easthams: Laundry Day

We just got our clothes washer installed, and we were ecstatic to do our first load of laundry.  I had also just installed our clothes line outside.  We were thankful that the clothes were completely dried after only two hours.  I folded the clothes and put them in the clothes dresser.  Then I realized my […]

Another echo from the heart of FRM…

If you want to know more about the hands and feet of FRM visit Cayley Cotcamp’s blog. For the last ten years, Cayley has overseen all our accounting and corporate administration. She is an unsung hero who faithfully stands shoulder to shoulder with us as we seek out the lost and strengthen the found all […]