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Lives Changed in the Midst of Turmoil

Every Friday from 2:30-3:30 I have the opportunity of working with inner-city kids here in Cape Town. The area that we work is called Woodstock. This is part of the old District Six that was here during the apartheid times. This area is riddled with guns, drugs, prostitution and various other crimes. We get the […]

Welcome to Zuri Mamur! ~by Vicky Bentley

Many of you have listened to Wes tell the story of General Mamur’s conversion to Christ. The bond of friendship and brotherhood between our families is a gift from the LORD. On 15 Mach 2012, General and his beautiful wife, Maria, welcomed their daughter into this world. Zuri Mamur just hours after her arrival on […]

Already Dead! By Natasha Chilikina

Any man who has so assessed himself  as the “filth of the earth” has no ambitions – and so has nothing to be jealous about. He has no reputation – and so has nothing to fight about. He has no possessions – and therefore nothing to worry about. He has no “rights” – so therefore […]

Come and die… ~by Vicky Bentley

Dietrich Bonhoeffer is a shining example to me of a man who was crucified to this world and the world was crucified to him (Galatians 6:14). In his book, The Crucified Life, AW Tozer says this:   In my mind, one man epitomizes what one must pay, or give up, for the crucified life. That […]

Will you go for Him? ~by Vicky Bentley

This generation of believers that you and me are a part of, we are responsible for this generation of souls, all over the world. We’re responsible for them. We’re responsible to pray daily for the needs of ministries around the world, and ask God, “How about me not sending my money this time, how about […]

The Scotts – God’s Army Cafe

Suzanne has been working at God’s Army, a Christian cafe and bookstore owned by Calvary Chapel Cape Town. It is in the heart of Cape Town surrounded by adult bookstores, bars and other filth. Needless to say, we are a light in the darkness. Last week, when Suzanne was working, she had the opportunity to […]

The Easthams’ White Ants

We recently walked through an open air market in Kampala and came across a local food that I’ve been wanting to try for some time:  ants. They are called “white ants” here, but they may actually be termites.  “White ants” can fly, but their wings fall off.  Yes, the ants for sale in the market […]

Baby Josiah By Jamie McKinley

Josiah means healed by Jehovah, or Jehovah will support.With a name like that this baby boy came into the lives of William and Janet a couple from our church (the name was picked before birth).  He was born in December premature and with a rare and deadly heart condition.  This couple instead of blaming God […]

Fighting for the ONE ~ by Natasha Chilikina

For months we have been praying daily that GOD will intervene and rescue the millions of women and children being sold as slaves. FRM/FRMA is taking a STAND in prayer (Whispers Of His Wonder: Get into the Battle!: Call to Arms ~ Prayer Warriors & Intercessors Needed), believing ONLY GOD is big enough to defeat […]

STAND and BE BRAVE… By Vicky Bentley

Thank you for being willing to stand in the gap for our brothers and sisters in Africa. Over the past few days the recent video posted by Invisible Children concerning Joseph Kony has prompted many of you to call asking us, “What is FRM doing? How can we help?” Remember those in prison, as if […]