FRM News

Trudy in Haiti

Howdy All, We are so glad to get Trudy back here in one piece!  Sending her to Haiti seemed like a good idea.  Plenty of lifting accompanied the decision.  She was certainly the right person for the job.  It wasn’t until she was in the US, getting supplies together and training the Operation Safe leaders […]

Natasha’s Passport

It seems that I am going through a time when I am walking on water…I believe that the Lord called me to serve Him in Africa, so it is a road of faith…step by step I see God’s faithfulness in every situation…Now I am in the process of renewing my passport. The Russian embassy here […]

Canaan Farm

The past few weeks, families at Canaan Farm have been busy clearing up farmland for the first season of cultivation. The families at the farm grow their own food and build their own shelter using the agriculture and the resources of the land. Not only are the people clearing up farmland for production (as has […]

Jonah Mural

Here we present another magnificent mural by Austin Priest!  It’s the story of Jonah. The scene just before Jonah is thrown into the water really touches my heart. At times my life feels as chaotic as the waves in that storm. I feel like jumping in to stop the madness! But God is so faithful! […]

Womens Ministry News

Our Women Ministry is booming in numbers and in faith. We are averaging every Bible Study about 100 ladies. Praise the Lord for them! The ladies and I have been bonding so well and we have really grown to love each other deeply. I am attached to them now; they will always remain in my […]

Praise Report and Prayer Request

There are times when the spiritual battle is not very subtle….this afternoon was one of those times….we had an awesome time in the Word. We are in Philippians 4:1-9, and I was talking about how to rejoice in the Lord always. We got practical and were really honest about our struggles with discouragement as women. […]

Rabuna Fi in Masindi, Uganda

We are preparing to minister to 800 students at a primary school in Masindi Uganda this fall through Love Covers. The school is near to the Canaan Farm where our tractor is being put to work. Our dear friend  and faithful supporter of the ministry, Nadine, is pictured here doing a mini-Love Covers in February. […]

Update from Vicky: Pray for Mary

Background: Sudan still follows a dowry system, whereby a young man purchases his bride from her parents. If anything in the course of the marriage goes wrong the father can intervene and even take his daughter back home. Story: Mary has been suffering at the hands of her husband for the last several years.  She […]

Photo’s from Natasha!

I don’t know how they do it, but ladies here are very good in caring things on their heads… I tried too :) Mama Lucy and me… New mattress,Mama Lucy did not have one…and was sleeping on the paper boxes This the job I was given…to burn old cloths…I thought it is a good way […]

Greetings from Gulu, Uganda

Greetings from Gulu! Ocuka is now getting back to normal after the rocky episodes of the New Year.  All the children are back in school and the Lord has opened so many new doors. Praise the Lord !!! We have now purchased a new generator!!!  A great Big thanks for our sending church, First Baptist […]