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At the conclusion of our program we invited any who desired to stand and join us in a prayer to surrender their life to Jesus.  This precious little girl stood, raised her hand to heaven and closed her eyes to pray.  If only we all surrendered at this young age and allowed God to use […]

Women’s Bible Study

A group of women danced and sang as they came to welcome us to their church for a teaching by Vicky Bentley on our hope of heaven.  Approximately 100 women gathered from throughout the area to join us in worship, prayer, teaching and fellowship.  They were very appreciative and welcomed up with open arms.

Love Pack Distribution

These packs are a once in a lifetime treat to most of these children.  They included a school uniform, a Love Covers shirt, a mosquito net, and pencils and paper.  They were as excited and content to receive paper and pencils as many children in the USA would be over receiving something like an IPOD.  […]

Teach the Word of God

More than 1,000 students of all ages came to the program on a day when they were supposed to be home from school.  Many showed up hours before the program was to start, eagerly anticipating the day.  The school is made up of several small huts that barely provide shelter.  Nearly 200 children were packed […]

Love Covers; Obbo, South Sudan

The FRM Nimule team set out this past week with a truckload of packs (more than 1,000) filled with great things for the children in need at Obo Village. The drive from Nimule took about 7 hours on dirt roads – some areas were fair, some a bit on the bumpy side, some a lot […]

Our Love Covers Project in Obbo, Sudan

Today we loaded the FRM lorry with 1200 Love packs filled with mosquito nets, blankets, school uniforms and supplies. We are all ready to go to Obbo and anticipate God will do a great work. We will be sharing about Jesus in a VBS style and showing the Jesus film (in Acholi, the local dialect) […]

Allison and Therese in Kampala, Uganda

November 5, 2009: Therese and I went on embark to the Waird place (Internet Company) who is located all the way down town. It was about an hour and a half walk. Internet here is so challenging at times! It was fun walking, trying to avoid the bota bota’s (motorcycles). Therese and my hearts were […]

We are half way there!!

Praise God! We were granted funding today for 500 Love Packs! Please pray as we prepare to help children in Lukwor internally displaced camp in Kitgum. We will keep you updated as we plan and reach out in Jesus’ name! Shannon

The new dove at our Kampala, Uganda guesthouse

Being a missionary means we wear all different “hats.” Today we pulled together working on a mosaic in the entry way of the new apartments at our Kampala guesthouse. Kenny, the worship leader at CC Kampala, drew the dove and filled in its shape. He got too busy to finish it so we all pitched […]

Calvary Chapel Vladimir – Pastor Pasha Baranov

We recently had a six person team from Calvary Chapel Bible College in Siegen visit and minister with us this month. They spent most of their time in Saint Petersburg, but have made it a point to make it as far as Vladimir. We had great two days of ministry and fellowship together. God has […]