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January 2016: Wars and Rumors of Wars

View the full January newsletter here It was an ominous morning at the chaplains’ training base in Nimule, South Sudan. I had risen at 5:00 AM to spend time alone with the Lord. At 7:40 AM, machine gun fire erupted outside the compound. Within seconds, the chaplains were running to the armory to retrieve their […]

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December 2015: When You Have Done All You Can, STAND

View the full December newsletter here Far Reaching Ministries (FRM) is responding to the Lord’s call to help the persecuted believers globally. For security reasons, I am unable to disclose to you the two new countries where we will be working. I can only emphasize we will be operating in countries that offer danger beyond […]

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November 2015: Three Months Behind Enemy Lines

View the full PDF November 2015 Newsletter Joseph Kuyok Lengudi, chaplain C00153, is a first lieutenant in the South Sudan Army. After his graduation from chaplaincy training, we lost contact with him for eight years as he was deployed to the farthest edge of enemy territory. After many years of no contact from Joseph, he […]

Chaplains in Training

Download the full PDF newsletter here. During the annual refit and refresher course, I sat down with several of our chaplains and had a chance to talk with them one on one. One conversation that I had stands out among the rest is one that I had with Reech (Santino) Yel. He was selected by […]

Nuba Mountain Camel Corp
August 2015: Blood Soaked Soil

Download the full PDF newsletter here. When the first member of my staff was killed, it caused me to spend a great amount of time thinking about the danger for those who served with us and what it had cost the family of this individual. It is a sobering experience for anyone who has ever […]

Ambush at Pariak – South Sudan -6
December 2014: Under Heavy Enemy Fire

Download Full PDF Newsletter Senior Chaplain Paul Koul graduated on April 15, 2001, from our second class of chaplains. Paul was then deployed to Bahr el Ghazal, with the Sudanese People’s Liberation Army (SPLA), in the Upper Nile region of South Sudan. He has been serving for 13 years as a frontline chaplain. Paul is […]

A Syrian refugee holds a baby in a refug…A Syrian refugee hold
November 2014: Update on ISIS

Download Full PDF Newsletter Remember also those being mistreated, as if you felt their pain in your own bodies. (Hebrews 13:3b) As we hear more reports about the evil that is sweeping through Iraq and Syria, it is easy to go about our daily lives without much more than a passing thought to the persecution […]

Image: Sudanese Armed Forces and Rapid Support Forces personnel ride on a tank after recapturing the Daldako area
October 2014: The Call Never Came

Download Full PDF Newsletter Since the rebel uprising that erupted last December in South Sudan, the chaplains have been deployed to the areas where the fighting has been the deadliest. In the Upper Nile region, where the attacks first began, the loss of human life has been severe. It is on this battlefield where our […]

September 2014: Shattered Lives

Download Full PDF Newsletter Islamic State (ISIS), the ultra-radicalized rogue offshoot of al-Qaeda, is the militant jihadist group and self-proclaimed religious authority of Muslims across the globe. Their ambition is to conquer Iraq and Syria, with an even greater goal of world domination. From beheadings to crucifixions, the terrorist group has become the most feared organization […]

July 2014: A Knight Has Fallen

Just days after I flew back from South Sudan to speak at the East Coast Mission’s Conference and Pastor’s Conference, I awoke to the sound of my phone ringing. As I sat up, Michael, our senior chaplain said, “Pastor Wes, I have some hard news. Chaplain Peter Magar has been killed at the frontline around Bentiu.” This was the seventeenth time that I have received this kind of call over the last fourteen years, but it never gets easier. The news of Peter’s death was especially hard because he left behind a wife, four daughters and a son.