Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking Stats

In 2012, Vicky Bentley started “Rescue & Redemption” through Causes for the global problem of human trafficking.  The main focus is on identifying and rescuing those who are entrapped in human trafficking. “Rescue & Redemption” will help with the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of young girls and boys, as well as the women and men, who are victims of commercial sexual exploitation and forced labor.  The goal is to rise up an army of churches and individuals that will pray and take action. This army is to stand up and fight for those who are being victimized; we will not stop till every last man, woman, and child is free.

Through Causes, individuals and church groups can sign a prayer petition, if they are committed to praying for those who are in bondage. Far Reaching Ministries Aviation is encouraging evangelical Christians to become aware of the problem. FRMA is also bringing awareness to those who could be at risk around the world.