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August 2016: Ten Thousand Years

View the full August newsletter here I had landed in country on the 21st of June to look at property for the Home for Orphan Mothers’ project. I loved being back in the area, even though it was only for nine days. On my first night in country, I met with several missionaries for dinner. It was […]

July Newsletter
July 2016: Ambush

View the full July 2016 newsletter here We train our chaplains in hand-to-hand combat for their personal protection not only for self-defense but for the protection of the innocent. Pastor Joe McCormick, from Calvary Chapel Mountain View, Utah, brings a team of brothers to work with the chaplain cadets every year. The training-team have impressive […]

June Newsletter Edited
June 2016: The Day Men Die

View the full June 2016 newsletter here Death is no stranger to our chaplains and although our casualties have been extreme, we are winning the war for souls. Just this week, Nuba chaplains, Marcus Almark and Justin Margeny, were wounded in attacks. Also, an Equatoria chaplain, Joseph Otieno, fell into an ambush. Thankfully, all three […]

Medical Supplied being Delivered to the Nuba Mountains
May 2016: The Storm

View the full May 2016 newsletter here. Over the many years that I have been in ministry, I have watched many believers be stumbled when a brother or sister in the faith acts no different from someone in the world and speaks bitter, jealous, or insulting comments behind their back. Jesus never deviated from honesty, […]