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April 2024: Abandoned Children, Come Find Me

View Full April 2024 Newsletter We were in Ukraine training chaplains and visiting front line locations as close as three kilometers from the front.  During one service over 150 artillery shells were fired at the city, but the church was packed because people are searching for hope. I will share more about it in the […]

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March 2024: Church Attendance has doubled

View Full March 2024 Newsletter Many might not remember the genocide in Darfur, but from 2003 to 2008, about 300,000 civilians were murdered. The killing was so bad that when humanitarian groups approached a village, from miles away, they thought they heard the sound of a very loud and powerful generator running. When they arrived, […]

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February 2024: Following Christ and Obeying His Word

View Full February 2024 Newsletter online I researched my family heritage many years ago and found out it is mostly English. My sister did a DNA test, which confirmed that we were from different parts of England and Gibraltar. I have researched the history of the Bentley name, and according to history, it goes back […]

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January 2024: The Kingdom of God will last Forever

View Full January 2024 Newsletter Most women in my generation, when they were young, dreamed of growing up and being courted, then married to a handsome prince, much like King Arthur’s Camelot.  They hoped for a magical “happily ever after” – a life of love, family, and fulfillment. And it is my prayer that every […]