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View Full January 2022 Newsletter Afghanistan was one of the 34 countries we had operated in for the last several years, but our presence was small, with 22 missionaries and their families. The collapse of the country caused us to become well-versed overnight in the complex dynamics of Afghanistan.  We have gained tremendous expertise in […]

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December 2021: Blizzard of Souls

View Full December 2021 Newsletter In last month’s newsletter, I shared of our rescue operation to save lives, especially believers in Afghanistan. The first team of Marines and Seals had rotated out of Afghanistan, as we rotated the second team in. The weather had changed; the snow had come, and it was unforgiving. In addition […]

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November 2021: The GOD OF THE ANGEL ARMIES

View Full November 2021 Newsletter Operation Schindler’s List is what we have code named the operation to save lives in Afghanistan.  On our first mission we headed into an undisclosed country, bordering Afghanistan, with Marines and Seals. The group would divide into two teams. The first team included a Marine and a Seal, who were […]

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October 2021: All Your Watches are Safe

View Full 2021 October Newsletter The American-supported Afghan government collapsed in less than ten days, leaving our team with a worst-case scenario on our hands. Many are unaware that we have 22 missionaries working in the underground church in Afghanistan. When you add their families, where one pastor could have 20 family members, the total […]