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June 2020: A Day’s March Nearer Home

View June 2020 full version of the newsletter Peter Gai graduated with class six from the Chaplain Corps. What made him so different, from any other chaplain we had ever trained, was that he had immigrated to the U.S. as a refugee—being one of the Lost Boys of Sudan. One day, when Peter was 11 […]

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May 2020: The Righteous Enjoy Plenty In Time Of Famine

View May 2020 full version of the newsletter With this newsletter, I want to give you the ability to trust that the Lord is going to take care of your financial needs. When I first went to the mission field, I came from a very small Calvary Chapel. While the ministry and fellowship were a […]

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April 2020: We Do Not Need To Be Afraid

View April 2020 full version of the newsletter I know that a lot of believers are afraid right now, if not terrified, because of the coronavirus. But if we understood the hand of our Lord, and His ability to protect us, we would be at peace. The Word says that he whose heart is set […]

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March 2020: Three Thousand Women

View March 2020 full Newsletter It started last summer with a pastors’ conference in Masindi, Uganda. We invited 450 pastors and 125 women to come, but 900 pastors showed up and close to 400 women. Then, Vicky began having women’s conferences. At first, we thought 300 would show up, but 1,300 came. There would be […]