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February 2020: TYPHOON

View full February 2020 newsletter here The word typhoon does not strike fear in most Americans because we cannot identify with what this truly means. However, in the Philippine Islands everyone knows exactly what the word typhoon means. In South Sudan we often get visitors, both believers and non-believers, who come to the base just […]

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January 2020: LIONS TO LAMBS

View full January 2020 newsletter here Why a man would participate in the rape of a woman, I will never understand. While the war in South Sudan has been deadly, the evil of what men can do to women and children rates as some of the worst things imaginable. As a soldier, I can understand […]

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December 2019: Christmas Update

View full December 2019 Newsletter here I HAVE GIVEN YOU THIS LAND TO WORSHIP ME Chief of Staff, General Jagot, sent for Ismail saying, “We are in a very bad situation. We have only one 120-millimeter gun and only 10 shells of ammunition. The enemy has a superior size force and numerous weapons.” Then, he […]

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November 2019: Our Forever

View full November 2019 newsletter here The chaplains had been asked to come to Juba, the capital of South Sudan. The chaplains’ silent drill team would be performing before headquarters, and the nerve center and power base of the South Sudan Army. The men had been training for months, eight hours a day, six days […]