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December 2020: Echoes of Eternity – Christmas Update

View Full December 2020 Newsletter Six weeks ago, Michael and Lino, my two senior chaplains, were summoned to Juba, the capital of South Sudan, by a South Sudan People’s Defense Force (SSPDF) Commanding General. A vehicle was spotted just 100 yards ahead, as they closed the distance between the two, gunfire erupted. Michael hit the […]

Paul Kuol
November 2020: We Hear The Howling of Wolves

View Full November 2020 Newsletter In South Sudan, if a father has a son that is a shame to him, he does not want people to know that the son is his. But if the son does well, everyone asks, “Whose son is this?”  They want to meet the father and ask what he did […]

August 2020: She Outworked Them All

View August 2020 Full Version of the Newsletter One of my very closest friends is a Dutch woman named Tirza. We met many years ago while we both did ministry in Russia. What drew me to her was when I led a team of Americans to come and do outreaches in the prisons. On the […]

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September 2020: Kingdom Race

View September 2020 Full Version of the news letter Every man has a journey to make in this life, and John Riel, chaplain number C00367 wanted to make one that would count for all eternity. John was born into a non believing family and grew up without the knowledge of Christ. War makes a man […]