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NOVEMBER 2022 The Bowels of Hell Rescue Operations

View Full November 2022 Newsletter Far Reaching Ministries (FRM) is actively serving in 37 countries around the globe, five of which are active war zones! The Lord called us to head straight into places others are fleeing. Working in these areas, I have witnessed more pain than most. This keeps me awake at night. These […]

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SEPTEMBER 2022: Running for your life

View-Full-September-2022-Newsletter-1 A FRM Leadership member is currently serving as a private contractor with Far Reaching Ministries (FRM), he has served on my board for 22 years and is one of my closest brothers in Christ. He was in Ukraine working on several of our Ukrainian refugee projects for FRM. We are feeding 15,000 Ukrainians a […]

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OCTOBER 2022: The Knights Cross

View Full October 2022 Newsletter In South Sudan, the Knights Cross is awarded for bravery and heroism and is the highest award given in our Chaplains Corp. We recognize great feats of heroism in battle for the Lord Jesus Christ and His Kingdom.  Recipients of this award are knights for Christ, not for the army. […]

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View Full August 2022 Newsletter For all of you who have supported the work to rescue those being murdered in Afghanistan, I am blessed to report that as of the 27th of June, 844 Afghans have been rescued. By the time you receive this newsletter, there will be well over 1,000 souls who have escaped […]