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January 2024: The Kingdom of God will last Forever

View Full January 2024 Newsletter Most women in my generation, when they were young, dreamed of growing up and being courted, then married to a handsome prince, much like King Arthur’s Camelot.  They hoped for a magical “happily ever after” – a life of love, family, and fulfillment. And it is my prayer that every […]

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December 2023: Lives Saved

View Full December 2023 Newsletter The situation for Afghans has become critical. Many were able to seek refuge in Pakistan from the murderous Taliban regime. On the 1st of November, Pakistan authorities issued a decree that all Afghans must leave Pakistan and began going door to door forcibly removing refugees. Many of these are widows […]

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November 2023: Dangerous Operations

View November 2023 Full Newsletter Can You Rescue My Daughter One of the difficult things about the work we are doing is that we are unable to share much about how we are getting people out of dangerous countries because of the extreme danger to all of those involved. Once information is disclosed on how […]

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View October Full 2023 Newsletter I was just reading about one of the children we are caring for in Mexico and how she used to have to dig through garbage cans to find food. She lived in a home where she was never sure when she would be hurt next, and often afraid to go […]