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Feb Newsletter
A Kingdom Warriors Journey

View the full February 2017 Newsletter here Wani-Igga, one of our Nubian chaplains, was an extraordinary man of God. He was a true warrior for the Kingdom of the Lord, and his journey will inspire you. While I care about all the men who serve at Far Reaching Ministries (FRM), there are always those few […]

Taking the Battle to the Enemy

Check out the full December brochure here. What started out as a vision of a chaplaincy corps for the South Sudan Army has become an army of faithful men, devoted to serving the Lord. Over the years, the Lord has entrusted Far Reaching Ministries (FRM) with a greater reach into a nation locked in unending […]

Three Castles

View the full November 2016 newsletter here I have always known to finish the ministry God entrusted to us, it is necessary for Far Reaching Ministries (FRM) to fly under the radar. Some try to promote their ministries, often for good reason—to advance the Kingdom or encourage others with the fruit that has been borne. […]

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August 2016: Ten Thousand Years

View the full August newsletter here I had landed in country on the 21st of June to look at property for the Home for Orphan Mothers’ project. I loved being back in the area, even though it was only for nine days. On my first night in country, I met with several missionaries for dinner. It was […]