Myanmar (Burma) Ghost Ops

Far Reaching Ministries has been working with our Ghost Operations team to protect Christian Karen/Karenni people in Burma. They have been violently persecuted by the Burmese Army. Many have been killed, their villages have been burnt down, and women and children have been raped. Many Christians, who were not able to escape to Thailand, are hiding in caves and in jungles and have nothing to survive on. When the Burmese Army told the people that they could return to their villages, that it was now safe, the men returned looking for food and were injured by landmines or killed. To add to the plight of the Karen/Karenni people, there have been torrential rains in the areas where they live, causing tremendous flooding. We have an immediate need to raise at least $200,000 to send in food aid, medical supplies for the wounded, and bibles. As always, every donation received for this purpose will be sent to bring relief to those suffering under the brutal hand of evil men. If you would like to help with this urgent prayer need you can give below.

Hiding From Bombs