Surgery Request for Tabish

Dear brother and sister, peace to you.

A very sad persecution incident happened in my area of village just two days ago.  I had a medical camp and evangelical prayer meeting in this village.  A Christian brother named Tabish (name changed to protect his identity) has a wife and six children, and he works collecting and selling plastic bottles.  The work barely fulfills the needs of his family.  His Muslim landlord came to his home and ordered him to work on his agriculture fields.  When the brother refused, he started to beat him brutally and struck his head at the wall repeatedly and also beat his wife and innocent children.  His family took him to a government hospital, but these Muslim people have power and sources, so brother Tabish was discharged from that hospital within a few hours without any treatment.  I made his complete medical check-up, had an X-ray of his had made, and consulted with a neurologist.  He said that brother Tabish has internal bleeding in his brain which is dangerous for his life.  He is not able to talk.  Please pray for him and his family.  It is shocking for them.  They are very poor and needy and don’t have funds for proper treatment.  They are praying to the Lord Jesus for help.  He needs urgent head surgery, which is quite expensive.

In the video you will see brother Tabish and his family, you can imagine that living as a Christian is very difficult in (country name removed).  Life expectancy is good after this surgery.



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