FRMA Plane

FRMA: Our Plane

Serving South Sudan, Uganda, Kenya, Congo

In 2006, FRMA purchased a Cessna Grand Caravan Super Cargo Master airplane. After putting it into service in Africa, Missionary Aviation Fellowship (MAF) took the aircraft and began operating it to support Far Reaching Ministries (FRM) and FRMA missionary work. The airplane makes regular flights into various locations throughout Uganda, South Sudan, and Congo. The aircraft is used to help missionaries and supplies reach targeted destinations, as well as conduct emergency flights. The aircraft was chosen for its ability to fly into remote locations, and land or take off from short airstrips and undeveloped fields.

Our Cessna Grand Caravan Cargo Master is still being leased at no cost to Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) in Uganda. The plane is flown five to six days a week to shuttle missionaries, aid workers, medicine, and supplies into Uganda, Sudan, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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