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Cover – Burma refugees

View Full August 2021 Newsletter I received a call from Tirza, who works as part of our Ghost Operations team. She facilitates the delivery of food aid, money for emergencies, and Bibles for pastors and churches in persecuted and closed nations including Burma. Tirza is Dutch and speaks five languages. We have been close friends […]

Child field worker

View Full July 2021 Newsletter I recently travelled to Mexico to meet with Jeanie Sue, who works with abandoned and abused women and children. She is a wonderful woman who has spent 30 years in Mexico, caring for others. She has personally adopted 12 children and raised them as her own. She now has eight […]

House 6

View Full June 2021 Newsletter The following was written by Bigtha, one of Far Reaching Ministries (FRM) missionaries in Mexico. When I was a little girl, I learned what it was to live without a roof over my head to keep me warm and safe.  I remember this always, even from a young age, especially […]

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May 2021: SEAL TEAMS

View Full May 2021 Newsletter This year’s chaplain refresher course has been different from any other. It was delayed by several months because COVID-19 hit South Sudan. While it has been somewhat quieter in a couple of regions, the fighting has become far worse in others. From our base in Nimule, South Sudan, to the […]

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April 2021 Thirty Six Beatings

View Full April 2021 Newsletter Some newsletters are much harder to write than others. But this may be one of the most severe cases of persecution we have experienced, where the individual is still alive. We have told you much about Jacob and his ministry for the homeless and for the children. He is truly […]

March 2021 Cover
March 2021: CARTEL KIDS

View Full March 2021 Newsletter In the 21st century world of God’s work, new responsibilities continue pouring through the doors of Far Reaching Ministries. The latest comes from south of the U.S. border, where there is an accelerated crisis among the many poor women and children in Mexico. Specifically heartwrenching, are the little girls who […]

Feb 2021 cover picture
February 2021: An Evil had Awoken

View Full February 2021 Newsletter In our village, evil has awoken. Men are stalking in the night and killing the innocent. Last week a 17-year-old girl was raped and killed then her body was thrown into a latrine. A few days later, one of the women who works in our kitchen was coming to work […]

Jan 2021 cover
January 2021: The Kingdom Armies are Advancing

View Full January 2021 Newsletter The year 2020, while difficult, will be remembered as one of the years that the ministry advanced the most. It seemed that in every country we are working in, we saw substantial advances for the Kingdom.  In South Sudan, we have graduated the 11th class of chaplains, bringing the Corps […]

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December 2020: Echoes of Eternity – Christmas Update

View Full December 2020 Newsletter Six weeks ago, Michael and Lino, my two senior chaplains, were summoned to Juba, the capital of South Sudan, by a South Sudan People’s Defense Force (SSPDF) Commanding General. A vehicle was spotted just 100 yards ahead, as they closed the distance between the two, gunfire erupted. Michael hit the […]

Paul Kuol
November 2020: We Hear The Howling of Wolves

View Full November 2020 Newsletter In South Sudan, if a father has a son that is a shame to him, he does not want people to know that the son is his. But if the son does well, everyone asks, “Whose son is this?”  They want to meet the father and ask what he did […]