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View July 2023 Full Newsletter We flew to a Latin American country on May 8, 2023, to see the girls we rescued from sex trafficking. Unfortunately, for security reasons, I cannot reveal which nation to ensure the safety of the children. We rented four large off-road vehicles or our team. By chance, all the vehicles […]

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June 2023 Dreadnought, Surrounded By Rebels

View Full June 2023 Newsletter Last month, I shared about starting a new organization to rescue believers and persecuted people around the world. If the Lord wanted to confirm this, He did not wait long. When war broke out in a Hot Spot, two different army groups were fighting one another for control of the […]

May 2023 One Thousand Children

View Full May 2023 Newsletter I recently sent Dave, Shawn, and Edward to a moderate Islamic country where they would meet with many Iranian believers working in the underground church in Iran. I have purposely not included their last names for security reasons. While this country is more moderate, they still had to operate in […]

April 2023 Believers Are Suffering Tremendous Persecution

View full April 2023 Newsletter First, I want to give you some blessed news. As of the 27th of February, 1,850 Afghan citizens have been rescued. And it is because so many of you gave generously that the ministry was able to save these lives.  Members of our staff met with top intelligence people in […]

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View Full March 2023 Newsletter The second part of this newsletter deals with dragons.  Around February or March of last year, I started to have severe pain in my body. I was in Russia and Afghanistan in January and February, but after I returned, I noticed I could not sleep at night. I was rolling […]

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January 2023: CRISIS OF STORMS

View full January 2023 Newsletter The burden of leadership must often lay completely on the one Christ has entrusted the mission to. The younger officers have not yet gained the experience that battle brings and are not ready to see a leader in doubt during critical times. They must have absolute belief that the commanding […]

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December 2022 EL ROI: THE GOD WHO SEES

View full December 2022 Newsletter When the fall of Kabul, Afghanistan, occurred in August of last year, it shocked the world. For those unable to escape, a brutal reign of terror was unleashed as the Taliban began hunting those who had any connection with the west, including believers and allies of the United States. Despite […]

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NOVEMBER 2022 The Bowels of Hell Rescue Operations

View Full November 2022 Newsletter Far Reaching Ministries (FRM) is actively serving in 37 countries around the globe, five of which are active war zones! The Lord called us to head straight into places others are fleeing. Working in these areas, I have witnessed more pain than most. This keeps me awake at night. These […]