Bible and Beret

History of the Chaplaincy Corps

The Lord, in His sovereignty, is continuing to bring soldiers to FRM—to rise up an army of committed believers. Below is an example of how God first brought soldiers from the Nuba Mountains.

Wes met the Governor of South Kordofan (Nuba Mountains), Abdul Aziz, years ago. The Governor was born in Darfur and came from a Muslim family. Wes shared the vision for the FRM Chaplaincy Program with him, even though the Governor was not a Christian. Governor Aziz said, “Wes, the Nubian people did not convert to Islam, we were conquered and forced to accept Islam.  Maybe it is time for us to look back to our Christian roots.” Governor Aziz then sent 32 of his men to train as chaplains with FRM.  We trained the men and returned them to the Nuba region. A year and half later, Wes and Governor Abdul Aziz met again in the Nuba Mountains.  The Governor said, “Wes, the 32 men you trained are the best 32 men in my army! I want you to take another 50 men this time.”  At the time, FRM was only able to afford to take 20 men; so, we have since continued to pull men from each class to fulfill that region’s need.  Today, the Mountain Corps is 75-men strong. They earned a reputation among the Islamic enemy forces for being brave and fearless.  The Jihadists call the chaplains, “The army of God that is not afraid to die for their faith.” Wes thinks of them as David’s elite “mighty men of valor”—men who count their lives only worth living to glorify Christ and fulfill His Great Commission.