Sponsor a Chaplain

A chaplain is a pastor, whose flock is made up of primarily soldiers, who serve in the military.  The men we train have a unique opportunity to bring Jesus Christ into men’s lives at a critical time when they are very aware of their own mortality, and are much more willing to listen.  Far Reaching Ministries’ mission has always been to do whatever it takes in order to reach the lost. Upon graduation, the chaplains are immediately commissioned and sent to minister at the front lines.

The weapon of warfare a chaplain takes with him is the Word of God and direction of the Holy Spirit, and the chaplains have a hunger for God’s Word like we’ve never encountered. They each have a seemingly unshakable faith in God, His promises, and His love for each of them. These men truly desire to surrender their lives in hope of learning all they can about their Heavenly Father, and also, to take that message to the lost and the broken.

Give an automatic monthly or one-time gift to sponsor a chaplain serving across Southern Sudan, Nuba Mountains and/or Darfur.