Teachers of God’s Word

Upon graduation, the chaplains are immediately commissioned and sent to minister at the front lines.  The weapon of warfare a chaplain takes with him is the Word of God and direction of the Holy Spirit.

A chaplain is a pastor, whose flock is made up of primarily soldiers, who serve in the military.  The men we train have a unique opportunity to bring Jesus Christ into men’s lives at a critical time when they are very aware of their own mortality, and are much more willing to listen.  Far Reaching Ministries’ mission has always been to do whatever it takes in order to reach the lost.

Through chaplaincy training, the Lord has opened a door to reach the entire Sudanese People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) that is believed to number 400,000.  Many chaplains have reported bringing countless Sudanese and Muslims to the born again experience through Jesus Christ.  They have started churches deep in the bush, as well as in small villages where they have been deployed, and are teaching God’s Word, discipling new believers and leading many SPLA commanders and villagers to Jesus Christ.  These men, like the Apostle Paul, are compelled to live a life of sacrifice absolutely surrendered to the calling of God without any fear of death.

Camel Corps

God was at work in the hearts of the men in one of the earliest classes of the chaplains’ training school.  Most of the men from the third class were from the Nuba Mountain region.  They had endured five decades of oppression and war.  These young men were determined and tenacious.  They wanted all that God has to offer and proved to be the best class we have graduated to date.

These chaplains were deployed back to the Nuba Mountains to begin their chaplain ministry duties.  Currently, Far Reaching Ministries has 75 chaplains serving in the Nuba Mountain.  In this region, chaplain’s travel as far as a hundred miles on treacherous mountain passes to do ministry.  The steep mountains and intense heat make carrying Bibles, The Jesus Film sets, and supplies almost impossible.  The Lord impressed upon Wes’ heart to start a camel corps to enable the Gospel to go deeper into Sudan. Each camel can transport 500 pounds of cargo and costs far less to maintain than a vehicle.  We have outfitted each camel with saddles, large canvas bags to carry Bibles and take The Jesus Film to show to the locals.

Jesus Film

The Jesus Film has been a great tool for introducing people to Christ. We have designed a lightweight, portable system, and we have purchased versions in every dialect where the FRM chaplains minister.  The audience is generally captivated simply because most of them have never seen anything on a screen before; much less a film spoken in their own tongue.  Audiences can range from young to old and tend grow in number nightly.  Often times those who watched come back with friends to watch it again and again.  They react to the film in different ways, some with tears, some with laughter and others with cheering.  Such a novelty makes for an extremely captive audience.  The evening ends with a testimony and an altar call.  It’s common to see the majority of the crowd pray to receive Christ into their hearts.  Far Reaching Ministries has offered sponsorships for The Jesus Film systems and has put hundreds into use.