Love Covers

Love Covers

God has given us a glimpse of His passion and love for the children of Africa—and thus we feel that He has called us to reach this next generation that they may change Africa for His Glory. The children of Africa are the voice of the future and the voice of today; it is our privilege to pour God’s love into their lives and it is such a blessing to see many of these precious ones leading their parents to church and to Jesus Christ.

FRMA has designed a unique evangelistic program called, Love Covers.  The idea is that we tangibly show children God’s love by covering them with clothing, blankets, and mosquito nets. We look for schools, churches, or youth groups of impoverished children.  We design a three to four-day vacation Bible school format of teaching, games, and music for the children. The teachings are all done in the local dialect to make sure the children clearly understand how much God loves them. In school settings, we involve the classroom teachers in the hope that they, too, will hear the Gospel and be saved.

On the last day of teaching, all the children are given an invitation to be born again.  It’s amazing to watch the Spirit of God touch these tender young lives.  Also, on the last day, every child who attended the program is called by name to receive their “Love Pack,” a backpack filled with a blanket, a mosquito net, a school uniform, and various other helpful materials. We also give them a red t-shirt that says, “Love Covers.” We chose red to signify the blood of Jesus that covers all our sins. One short-term missionary who participated in an outreach in Northern Uganda described the moment the children opened the bags like this, “It seemed like their skin was not even able to contain the joy welling up in their hearts. It looked like they were going to explode with joy!”

Because our focus is on discipleship, we try to set up an on-going weekly Bible study for these children.  We work with one of the churches planted by FRM or a local church that shares our belief in the fundamental truths found in God’s Word.  We teach the children verse-by-verse through the Scriptures, laying the strongest foundation possible.

God is using Love Covers to radically change the up and coming generation in Eastern Africa, and we eagerly await more exciting ventures, more areas where God’s love can cover the children and change their lives forever.