Sponsor Our Women’s Ministry (Rabuna Fi)

In Africa, many women had heard the Christian Gospel message and would say they were Christian, but FRMA perceived that most of these women did not live an Orthodox Christian lifestyle, or understand the Christian principle of being born-again. The idea for a program where Christian evangelism is carried out by systematically teaching the foundations of evangelical Christian faith, through verse-by-verse Biblical teaching, was developed.

In 1999, Vicky Bentley started a program called Rabuna Fi, which means “God is here” in Arabic and is a common Christian greeting in South Sudan. Rabuna Fi is primarily an evangelical Christian discipleship program that teaches women to study the Bible and better understand the foundational beliefs of evangelical Christianity. Women are taught in an expositional manner about foundational evangelical Christian doctrine, and then they are trained to go out to disciple others within their communities and churches.

The discipleship-training program began when Vicky started working within the local churches. She listened to testimonies of the women and their home lives. These testimonies revealed the desperate side of African village poverty.  The vast majority of the women had husbands that had been killed in combat or were cut off from communication for years at a time due to prolonged civil war. Most of the women FRMA serves had three or more children to provide for, with no education, no job opportunities, and little hope of improvement.

One of the key goals of FRMA is teaching women to be self-reliant. FRMA developed several income generation projects to achieve this goal. First, a simple beaded bookmark was made. Journal covers followed (made from embroidered tree bark), then the line of Rabuna Fi handcrafted gifts emerged.

As the initial women’s program artisan skills continued to improve, FRMA expanded the scope and reach of their income generation. Rabuna Fi is funded and operated under the umbrella of FRMA. In addition to FRMA’s discipleship program, other programs have developed, including tailoring schools, and literacy training.

Today, Rabuna Fi works to assist women in Sudan, Uganda, and Kenya to grow in their knowledge of Jesus

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