Chaplains Training

A Day in the Life

The students are involved in practical ministries. At 8:00 AM the chaplains leave the compound to visit the local hospitals to pray and witness to patients, other times they will do street evangelism and visit the local church body.  Around 1:00 PM they come back to the compound to help clean. Some of our chaplains even take the opportunity to work alongside our women and children’s ministries.


4:45 AM   |  Wake up & morning prayer

5:15 AM   |  Run six to eight miles up Gordon’s Mountain & back

6:30 AM   |  Clean up & tea

8:30 AM   |  Class begins: Study in the New Testament

12:00 PM   |  Lunch (corn maize & beans)

1:30 PM   |  Class begins: Study in the Old Testament

6:00 PM   |  Dinner (corn maize & beans)

7:00 PM   |  Study time / homework

9:00 PM   |  Fellowship & time of worship

10:00 PM   |  Lights out


Every chaplain cadet participates in practical ministry training in local villages, hospitals and jails; caring for the poor, widowed, orphaned, sick and afflicted. Cadets are required to demonstrate spiritual proficiencies in order to graduate and be deployed to frontline combat units: including courage and perseverance, evangelism and teaching, counseling, compassion, church planting, women’s ministry and children’s ministry.

The chaplains have a hunger for God’s Word like we have never encountered.  They each have a seemingly unshakable faith in God, His promises, and His love for each of them.  These men truly desire to surrender their lives in hope of learning all they can about their Heavenly Father, and also, to take that message to the lost and the broken.

As a part of the chaplains’ training, they go through the entire Bible in less than one year.  They must go through at least two books of the Bible every two weeks.  This is only made possible by senior pastors that come from America, who volunteer to go to Africa for a two-week period, during which they teach both an Old Testament book and a New Testament book, or two Old Testament books (this is due to ratio of Old Testament Books to New Testament books).  Each pastor is assigned their two books of the Bible well in advance.  This way, we ensure that before their trip they have time to study those books in great depth—to plan and prepare notes for each day’s lessons.

Without hesitation, senior pastors, who take advantage of this opportunity, will tell you it was a life-changing experience.  Many of them return several times for the opportunity to teach a new class of chaplains, as well as re-connect with graduated chaplains, who are still around helping FRM at our chaplain compound.

“It is a great experience to teach these men, who are being trained for spiritual and physical battles they will face in the days ahead, and see them radically on fire for the Lord.  They have a sold-out readiness to bring the Gospel to the continent of Africa. They know the road ahead will be rough, but they have counted the costs and have complete faith in the sovereignty of our God. They know and trust that He will provide for them every need according to His will and perfect plan for each of their lives.”  – Wes Bentley