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Take our picture, please!

As an American, I have become very accustomed to having my photograph taken. I am ashamed to admit that I shy away from the camera…often times annoyed about not being photogenic enough or just not in a picture taking mood. I have to say that I have changed my view on this issue since my recent trip to Africa. Most, if not all of the children that I had the privilege of meeting in Africa have a much different attitude about photographs. Even the sight of a camera makes their personalities come to life immediately. From shy to ecstatic individuals, they shout and dance at the prospect of having their photograph taken. They are even more amazed at the ability to see their photograph immediately on the screen before them on the digital camera that I held in my hand. Much to my surprise, my camera broke the language barriers that stood between these precious children and me. It was a beautiful sight to see fifty or more kids jumping for joy in unison as they become instant friends. I did not have to speak their language to understand the joy they shared at this simple device that I used to look at as an annoyance. I will also say that many of the kids were shy at first and as soon as they saw the camera, they wanted to be my new friend. At a scheduled stop at the Dura IDP camp to show The Jesus Film (to the kids and adults), I didn’t quite know what to expect There were three Muzungus (white people), three interpreters and hundreds of Africans, but much to my surprise, it was my camera that made these kids come to life. What a blessing it was to see that for a brief moment, these children who have so little and were born in a war torn country, were able put aside the troubles of this world and just be kids! I look forward to the opportunity to visit my new friends in the future and pray that God will use these children to change the future of Africa. 

Kelly Mejia
Far Reaching Ministries