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Meet the Masindi team!

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Here are Richard and Suzan Angoma – can you see their love for Jesus radiating in their smiles? Richard is wearing the wide brimmed hat and Suzan is on his left. The Angomas direct Family Empowerment Ministry located in Masindi, Uganda. They are pictured here with some of the youth who are part of their discipleship and mentoring projects. Please pray for their ministry. They help hundreds of internally displaced Ugandans from Kitgum that were forced to flee because of the LRA. The LRA has traumatized these families. Some were abducted and forced to commit horrible atrocities, others watched loved ones hacked to death in front of them and all of them are trying to rebuild their lives with Jesus as their foundation. Richard and his family opened their 500 acre farm and gave each family a place to start cultivating. He and Suzan have committed their lives to bringing hope and healing through Jesus. Suzan is a nurse and regularly gives medical care to all the community. We sponsor a small Rabuna Fi project at the farm for women. There is a tailoring school, weekly Bible Study and they make beautiful bamboo earrings. This ministry is amazing! Look for more updates coming soon! ~Vicky