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Update from Vicky: Pray for Mary

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Sudan still follows a dowry system, whereby a young man purchases his bride from her parents. If anything in the course of the marriage goes wrong the father can intervene and even take his daughter back home.

Mary has been suffering at the hands of her husband for the last several years.  She comes to Bible Study and makes crafts to earn enough money to feed her children because her husband won’t help, and she built the home the children sleep in because he spent every shilling he earned on alcohol.  This evening Mary’s father is going to confront her husband.  He has watched his daughter suffer for too long and he is tired of waiting for change.  Tomorrow morning Mary and her children will be taken back home to stay with her father… 

Mary asked us to pray because this remote village has no born again believers. She is afraid the pain in her heart will never go away without believers to encourage her and pray with her. I told Mary the Holy Spirit inside her will go with her and teach her all things, but it was hard to see her fear. In some ways I wish I could go…for if we did carry the gospel to every village it would mean Christ’s return is that much closer and Mary and thousands of others can pass from suffering to glory…