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A Woman and Child added into God’s Kingdom

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Psalms 16:11 says “You have made known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence with eternal pleasures at your right hand.”

I am learning what Psalms 16:11 means and how God is applying it to my walk with Him.
While I was involved in a women’s conference in Mogiri, Sudan, I planned to speak about “Evangelism: How to win the World for Christ,” God had other plans for that day.  I stepped outside to help with a crowd of curious children huddled around the church. I started by teaching them a song with hand motions, they loved it! In the crowd of the children there was a small boy, probably no more than 6 years old, wearing a “charm” (these are amulets given by witchdoctors or traditional healers invoking demons to “protect” the child) around his neck.  God spoke to my heart, so I called for his mother to come. God opened her heart and after I shared Christ with her I led her in the sinner’s prayer! She closed by cutting the charm off the boy! Praise the Lord! God planned for me to reach out and share His message with this woman, how amazing is that since my message was about evangelism! What an amazing picture God showed all of us about sharing the joy of sharing His truth!

~ Alison Jalinski, FRMA Missionary Intern in Sudan ~