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Please pray for our team in the Nuba Mountains right now. James Olal, FRM’s Project Director for Sudan, called to report the first group of new candidates for class eight are boarding for their flight to Nimule. Absalom, the FRM chaplain running our operations in the Nuba Mountains has been discipling a group of about 25 men from the Darfur region over the last year. These men are so excited to be trained in the Word of God. Their home is 100% Muslim and they are ready to carry the light of the gospel back no matter what the cost. We believe God has great things in store for this next group of chaplains, please keep them in prayer!


James also informed is that the tensions in the Nuba Mountains are continuing to rise. We have personally experienced the anti-Christian sentiment. The Muslim government of Northern Sudan encroached upon our land to build an Islamic school. Absalom has been fighting daily to keep them from taking more of our land to build a Muslim clinic. President Omar Al-Bashir appointed as governor of the region the Darfurian leader of the Jinjaweed rebels. This man is a KNOWN criminal and has a warrant out for his arrest by the International Criminal Court. The oppression our Christians brothers and sisters are facing in this area of Sudan is extreme. Please intercede for them and ask God to deliver them. Elections are set for November 2010. Pray that all marginalized areas will be fairly represented, that no fixing of the vote will occur, that there will be no violence, and PLEASE ask for God to give them freedom.


I have been praying for this region of Sudan for over 10 years, please join me in asking God to open the way for me to go there to serve. Today two women came to James and asked, “Please, we know Vicky is training women in the South, can you please take us to train us as leaders? We want to help our women here and we need this training in the Bible.” My heart is aching to help these women. Please pray with me!