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Lydia and "Potatoes for Grandmothers"

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Far Reaching Ministries published two newsletters in the past that talked about Lydia. You can download our May 2007 FRM Newsletter, and you can also download the February 2008 FRM Newsletter to read more about Lydia.
Also, right now Far Reaching Ministries is doing a fundraiser called “Potatoes for Grandmothers”. When the former Soviet Union collapsed so did the life savings of many people – their money became worthless. This has made it extremely hard for the elderly to get through the harsh Russian winters with enough to eat. Many believers are struggling to pay the heating bills with the small pensions they are receiving from the government leaving little or nothing for food. FRM wants to make sure that 100 families make it through the winter with enough food on the table. Three hundred dollars is needed for each of these families, therefore, the total amount needed will be $30,000. We would ask for you to consider a gift of $300 to help one family. This will provide the staple foods like potatoes, beans, rice, flour and sugar and while it may seem small to us, it will bring great joy and comfort to weary souls. We will be distributing the gifts to the elderly at the Calvary Chapel in Vladimir and a Baptist church in Rybinsk.
Please contact our office if you would like to support Lydia or one of the many other poor Russian families and help them make it through the winter ahead! Call 951-677-4474 or click HERE to donate to “Potatoes for Grandmothers”.
Thank you, and may God richly bless your day!