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Ministering to the youth in Nimule

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This is Natasha and yes, I am here in Nimule, Sudan…serving Jesus in every way possible and impossibleJ. The Lord is so gracious; He brought Jamie, who is serving with Calvary Chapel Nairobi up to Sudan for a visit to ease my transition.

Vicky, Jamie and I, felt the Lord calling us to reach out to the youth of Calvary Chapel Nimule. We spoke to Pastor James Olal and the choir that meets here three times a week for practice. God gave us a theme of “In Christ Alone,” for a one day conference on the foundations of the faith. The youth invited their peers from all the other churches in Nimule to join us too.

Saturday June 18th we woke up to rain and prayed God would not let that stop anyone from attending. By 11:00am we had about 50 young hungry hearts. A friend shared his testimony and helped us perform the drama called, “Redeemer.” We gave an altar call and rejoiced as over 20 people came forward to receive Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior. After each of our five sessions we planned a short workshop, hoping to train them how to practice all the things they were learning. My favorite memory of the day was watching groups of five pray together. Some went to their knees, others sang softly, and all of them poured their hearts out without reservation or hesitation.  Seeing this future generation on their knees seeking God and crying out to Him for their nation of Southern Sudan and for their own growth in their relationship with Jesus will remain with me forever.

We closed with a promise for more in-depth discipleship on Saturday. Vicky and I will be taking turns sharing, please continue to pray for wisdom on how to minister to the youth here at Calvary Chapel Nimule and in this community.