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Updates from Natasha, Sudan!

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Dear friends and family,

For so long I have not updated you with the great things that the Lord is doing in my life…

Ok, let me start from the time when I had to leave Kenya in order to receive my visa. My work permit is not approved yet but it is not rejected either, so please continue to pray for it J.

I left Nairobi on the 14th of June, traveled to Uganda, and had an awesome time of rest in Kampala. It was good just to stop and wait on the Lord, just to sit at Jesus’ feet… On the 25th of May I started my journey to Sudan…and some of you know that it took me 5 days to get there…Usually if you travel straight to Sudan from Kampala it takes around 8-9 hours…

It was a journey of God’s faithfulness and I was learning again to trust and follow the Lord not to try to run ahead of Him. Now I am in Sudan, I call it my earthly “promised land” J…my first impression of Southern Sudan is that it is so peaceful here, you cannot tell that this country could go into war at any minute… I was also very surprised that Sudan is so beautiful…You know how sometimes you have an idea of how something should look…so Sudan does not look like I thought it would look like J. It’s greater!!!

I got a chance to see Juba the capital of Southern Sudan, but I love Nimule and the FRM Compound here. The ladies in the women’s ministry are so encouraging. The name of this project is Rabuna Fi, it means God is here in Arabic, they have Bible studies throughout the whole week, sometimes even twice a day…It was very encouraging to see their passion for Jesus during the outreach we had and where a few ladies shared a teaching from the Bible. They have their prayer group and literacy class…and it’s amazing to see how God is using those who are open to Him. When we had an outreach, I had a chance to share the Gospel and we gave glory to God for almost 50 people who got saved during that time…

We also had a one day conference for the youth… You know, like everywhere young people need a lot of encouragement especially at the time we are living in… Satan is at work and he wants to destroy youth with all kinds of stuff, but we, as the Body of Christ, should stand strong in prayer and discipleship for the young generation. It was very neat to see how many young boys and girls received Christ and rededicated their lives to Jesus. It was a one day conference and we taught them on the foundation of the Christian faith. Please pray that they will grow in their relationship with the Lord and would stand strong on the Rock, Jesus Christ!!! Especially at a the time like this when the war between Southern Sudan which is a Christian Nation and Northern Sudan which is completely Muslim nation can begin at any moment…

·         Please continue to pray for peace in Southern Sudan.

·         Pray for the time of preparation for the Bible Studies, protection while traveling, and good health for all of us here in the FRM compound.

·         Please continue to pray for Masha, that she would come to the Lord with her whole heart.

·         Please pray for good health for my parents.