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South Sudan – Arrival & days leading up to class 8 Chaplain Graduation

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On our way to our final destination of Nimule, South Sudan we stopped in Kampala, Uganda at the guesthouse. We stayed there for two nights and fellowshipped with Bob and Susanne, Keith and Lisa and their son Jonathan, Brian and Jill, Giftie, Michael, and James Olal. We drove from Kampala, Uganda to Nimule, South Sudan. It took about 8 hours. On the way we stopped and got chapotie which is like a tortilla, and fresh pineapple. They were so delicious! When we got to the compound in Nimule we were greeted by singing and cheering by the Chaplains. It was great seeing some familiar faces. We got right to work with the Chaplain sponsorship letters and preparing the sanctuary for the day of graduation. We painted the inside of the chapel and made the compound spotless. The Sudanese television would be filming the graduation. We also have been doing some interviews for the chaplains so that sponsors can hear and see their chaplain. Working with the chaplains and ministering to the ladies and the youth here has been such a blessing. God has granted this nation’s independence and I would not be surprised if it was because of the obedience of His children here. Kevin and I talked to the youth about purity and what it means to be a Christian in your youth. We have done team building games with the youth and chaplains. We pray that God unites them more as brothers and sisters in Christ. More to come!
-Haley Jalinski