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Fighting for the ONE ~ by Natasha Chilikina

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For months we have been praying daily that GOD will intervene and rescue the millions of women and children being sold as slaves. FRM/FRMA is taking a STAND in prayer (Whispers Of His Wonder: Get into the Battle!: Call to Arms ~ Prayer Warriors & Intercessors Needed), believing ONLY GOD is big enough to defeat this global tragedy.

I have seen firsthand how dark and evil the traffickers in Kenya are and was greatly strengthened in my resolve to persevere in prayer when God intervened for one young woman named Christine.

Saturday afternoon after our Bible Study at Calvary Chapel Nairobi, Esther came to me and asked for prayer. Her 17 year old daughter, Christine, left home Friday evening and no one had seen or heard from her since. Esther was afraid she would never see her daughter again. We asked God to miraculously protect her from any harm and especially to protect her from being captured by traffickers ~ because slavery is the number one threat against women like Christine in Kenya.

The traffickers abduct young women every day. A recent news report said that 400 women go missing every month in Kenya. Four hundred women that are daughters,  sisters, wives, and mothers JUST LIKE YOU and JUST LIKE ME and they are being exploited, violated, oppressed, and enslaved. They are forced to prostitute their bodies and someone else takes all the money. They are sold over and over again to satisfy some uncaring selfish person’s unbridled lust.

It’s unjust,
It’s unfair, and
It’s unacceptable!

I have a daughter too, just a little older than Christine and I could understand the fear and pain in Esther’s heart. I asked her to give me a call if she found out anything about Christine and kept praying. Sunday morning, I was so blessed to see Esther and her beautiful daughter  at church! God spared Christine!

I sat with Christine and told her openly and in love exactly how dangerous it is to be out alone. I told her how cunning the predators are and how devastated a sex slave feels. I encouraged her to be careful and to never leave home without telling her mother where she is going, and Christine heard me.

I realized that ONE young woman was taken out of the mouth of the lion. Christine is less likely to be abducted and to be deceived. God took our little seeds of faith and He increased it ONcE in Christine. If she goes and tells ONE friend then ONE more girl can be spared….

I guess what I am trying to say is EVERY ONE is a victory. Jesus said He would leave 99 sheep to looking for ONE and it was clear He wanted us to do the same. I have decided that I will keep going out looking for any ONE I can help. God rescued me. God spared my daughter. And I believe that by deliberately interceding ONE more will be saved….again and again…because Jesus NEVER stops seeking….

It was also great to see Esther smiling again.